The Celestial Chronicles

Celestial Radiance Ultimate Series:
The Seven Layers of Celestia

Mount Celestia

It is said that the final and seventh layer of Mount Celestia, Chronias, has no account or record of its description. In a series of dream-like events, Seraphemia, an angelic favored soul of the Silver Flame, ascends each layer of Celestia; little does she realize why she is there to begin with, and what awaits her at the pinnacle.

Table of Contents


Prologue Part 1: The Celestial Radiance Legacy

Chapter I – Lunia

Chapter 1, Part 1: Lunia | The Silver Heaven

Chapter II – Mercuria

Chapter 2, Part 1: Mercuria | The Golden Heaven

Chapter III – Venya

Chapter 3, Part 1: Venya | The Pearly Heaven