More Logo Fun!

I’m so lazy I’m posting this logo redesign almost a year after I made it. Well, more like a over what, 6 months? xD

I’m not one to share artworks much so I don’t really do DeviantArt or any other art platforms, but since this is a personal blog, I could share it here. 😀

This was actually an assignment in my Basic Design Principles class – I had so much fun with this but when it comes down to the art of logo making, the creativity value of this piece isn’t all that great. It’s more aesthetically pleasing than what constitutes a good logo. It’s hard to explain, but you know good design when you see it. This wasn’t really anything that amazing, but just fun to make.


The Original Ben & Jerry’s Logo


Revised Logo by Yours Truly

As you can see, I totally put a modern spin on it. There are actually different variants of the original logo (one without any iconography either) so it doesn’t exactly have a definitive logo (hence why I chose this company to redesign).

I remember a fellow classmate of mine commented that the font looked like Papyrus, and if I could change anything about this it would definitely be that to maybe something more professional. Although I had thought this font looked professional at first, more of a fresh, clean feel, until he pointed that out. 😦 Now I cannot unsee! xD

The depth of the cone should also feel more realistic. The ridges feel too flat to me. And the ice cream scoop doesn’t look the most delicious.

But enough self criticism, that is just the hardcore artist in me. This did take a while to create, as I hand made everything except the font and the circular shape (just used a tool for that, so can’t really call that my own). I don’t know why, but I absolutely love circular logo designs. Maybe it is that sense of completion that appeals to me so much – you can see from the other logo design (the iCare one back from another year ago, haha) that it is also a circular design. I should break out of that, as not all logos fit in a circular frame…

Overall this was a really neat assignment – I love the freedom we were given to go with this and even though the entire design process was very tedious and intricate (had to do extensive research and application of design principles into actual assignment), looking at the final product and looking back, it truly was so much fun!

Perhaps I’ll have more to showcase next time. Sometimes, I wish I could make some stuff out of my own time (not playing DDO that is) but there is always that part of me that holds me back… for some reason. I cannot even explain why. Yet I would improve my skills a lot more. Perhaps requests from friends will push me further, I have been thinking of making stuff for a few friends.

Just another art babble. 🙂

2015 Art Showcase!

Hi all, so I just thought I should post this year’s artworks here since I posted last year’s in my old discontinued blog! 🙂 Before that, I want to explain how the portfolio works. In an AP (Advanced Placement) portfolio, there are three main parts: quality, concentration, and breadth sections. In total, we make 24 pieces of artworks within the time frame given (first and second semester of the year), with 12 pieces in breadth (works that show a variety of skills and techniques) and 12 in concentration (a specialized topic and theme). This will be mostly concentration – without further ado, enjoy. 🙂

AP 2D Design Name Tag

Name Tag for the Show

iCare Design Logo_Final


These were logo designs I made for the school “iTeam” program – while the first one will be the official logo, the second one was more of a draft in progress that I ended up submitting for my portfolio instead~


My only lucky shot at photography! The only “pure” photograph in the breadth section of my portfolio, I actually took this with an iPad and played around with some effects in Photoshop!

While I only showed a bit of the breadth section, I can’t put all of it up because 1. some include artworks of people I know and I feel like without asking their permission I shouldn’t put it up and 2. I’m more passionate about my concentration. 🙂

Before I share all 12 concentration pieces, I had to write a topic statement and intent. I feel like it would help in understanding my “passion and purpose” behind this story; I hope you will enjoy it! 🙂 Click here for the document.

The story is a silent manga style series of panels – no spoken words, and is not fluid in terms of time and motion, so things may seem abrupt or go fast. Anyhow, enjoy!!













So that’s my concentration! 🙂 If you didn’t understand exactly what was going on, it was about a girl (unnamed) who is thought to be the last human on Earth. Being unable to die, she is supposedly immortal, and therefore is a “grave-keeper,” burying all those who have died before her. Rather than starting with that, I wanted to start the story in a backwards fashion (in terms of chronological order); while she is picking flowers (for the graves) a meteor hits her and in the midst of light, lies the creature. I call it a creature as if this was Frankenstein, but that’s literally what I called it when I had to explain the piece – originally, the creature’s name is Fairette (spin off of the word, fairy) but I never used it because I was too shy to include something minor like that. So yeah, you have this creature that falls into her hands out of nowhere and the girl thinks its dead. Note that this takes place several millennium into the future, as the grave marks the year 7877 as the girl is preparing a grave marker for the “dead” creature. I chose this time period because of the religious symbolism of the number 7, and in logical sense, if the human race died out, it should take place some time later, which I added a century in the time period they are in now.
The creature then takes her up the sky tower the girl resides in (think future, its possible right?!) which leads to a room where celestial beings were “buried”. As the girl comes to realize that she is not a human but in fact a “fallen” angel or celestial being from a past life, she becomes shocked and confused, and then flashbacks to her past as the angelic commander of the celestial war between angels and demons. Her decision to sacrifice herself as well as her companion creature (in mutual consent) in order to annihilate the overpowering demonic forces finally triggers her memory as the two are reunited.

So that’s the story part of the series – for fun ‘trivia tid-bits’, there are somethings I put in there that are minor but worth pointing out for the heck of it! 😀 The last concentration piece has 12 orbs in the circular design – each orb is a symbol from each concentration piece that I’ve made. So the first orb that has a petal represents the flowers the girl was picking, and the fire in the last orb represents realization (I couldn’t think of anything better than that haha). In the 8th piece, the grave in the top right corner begins with “Se…” – the name is actually Seraphemia! 🙂 Finally, in the same piece, the graves on the left side of the panels have the names “Michael” and “Gabriel”, who are the two archangels from the Bible.

In the making of these pieces, I had a lot of inspirations that made the concentration to what it was. First, Tower of Sunz had a huge impact on me in the feel I was going for, as well as the idea of having a tower as part of the setting. The creature was very much inspired by the Pokemon, Sylveon, and even though I never played the game (can’t keep up with whichever game it is now haha) that has Sylveon in it, I really liked its design! Movies such as Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle greatly inspired me to stuff my concentration with as much symbolism as I could, as well as go for an almost fairy tale like story rather than a story with a concrete plot and conflict, which was one of the obstacles in the process of this concentration. As for the whole angel theme… nothing other than DDO was the greatest inspiration for me. 🙂 At first I almost thought I could make this as Sera’s background story but because of all these other inspirations, I decided to not do that. Instead, I took bits and pieces of things; Sera’s hair color, blue eyes, and general frame was replicated into this unnamed character. While I’m not the kind of person not to leave things unnamed, I simply could not think of a name for the girl – I thought maybe Celeste, but perhaps its best I leave her unnamed. I kind of like it that way, mysterious and has a personal meaning to it too. 🙂

Gosh, I had so much to say – I guess this is my “catharsis” for being so quiet at the show! xD Overall, it was a very fun process, though it was hard at the moment but in hindsight, all that hard work made it all the more sweeter! This was a huge experiment for me because I was not sure if I wanted to do something “serious” like the other students were doing (one friend’s concentration was the psychological being of herself) or if I wanted to continue the only thing I was decent at, which was something related to animating characters (AKA, manga/anime stuff). While I did something similar last year, I was not very impressed with how things wrapped up in the end. This year, I had a sense of accomplishment and perhaps I may not get the score I hope to get, but it was a TON of fun and even learned some things about myself (yeah yeah, I’m still indecisive! =P). Something seemed different this year, and maybe its because its my last year in high school. Anyhoo, I just wanted to thank you guys for reading this; let’s just say I have a very hard time even showing artworks to my family, but for some reason I can explain in detail (!?) to friends like you! ^^

I hope you enjoyed it, I would have wrote so much more but time is running out and I need some sleep soon. I don’t know when will be the next time I’ll ever do stuff like this again, but I certainly hope I keep at it, especially if I ever get my own tablet and pen someday. Or you know, I can just keep playing DDO and get some other crazy ideas! =P Thank you for taking the time to read this 🙂 I really do appreciate it.

Edit: ended up receiving a 5 for my portfolio score, max score is a 6 which is very rare to get, YAY!