Seraphemia’s Lineage

So I was thinking about this during class and just couldn’t pin down one exact lineage for Sera, as weird as that sounds. This will be my brainstorm/finalization platform!

Originally, I didn’t go too far into detail about her lineage, other than that she was 1/4th Aasimar (mother being an Aasimar herself while the father was pure Human). But now, as I come up with her appearance (since bloodline is so important to the final look in determining what traits she will have), I thought maybe I should settle this once and for all! 😀

She definitely needs to carry some kind of primary celestial archon + human blood in her veins, but I was thinking of having a small percentage of inheritance from certain races like ghaele or solar celestial, high elf (eladrin) or fey, and avoral celestial. So why these in particular?

  • Brilliant topaz/gold/amber/caramel eyes (solar)
  • Petite, fairy like figure/height (high elf, fey)
  • Feathers in her hair or as eyelashes, covering shoulder tops (avoral celestial*)

*This trait could be inherent in some Aasimars, but the feathers in the hair particularly was something I was thinking of.

These are just simple, singular qualities that I could just tack on the whole Aasimar spiel, but I felt like it would be kind of cool to map out a more intricate bloodline. While she would be regarded mostly as an Aasimar/Human, this would play more into the whole idea of loss of identity and thus the search for it. I also like the idea of a blended bloodline than just a one singular, pure race, making her ethnically ambiguous which plays into the idea of “universal beauty” or something like that.

I realized I tend to make all the females in her lineage as the celestial blooded as opposed to the father, which might be more of a bias on my part. Not sure if I want to keep it that way as it doesn’t really matter which side gets the celestial blood, but maybe would be cool, even mystical, for trivia bit – similar to how all females in my family are born in January (winter babies, yeah!!).

I even wrote up a spreadsheet detailing the lineage. Here is the chart detailing the basic lineage tree. I may go back and make further changes (this is why I can never be a writer – I change my mind way too much and its hard to fit it into the story once its already written LOL). While I wanted to do the math and calculate the exact percentages of celestial/other blood types, well, math is math. 😛

“Cuteness” Factor

OK, so I have the weirdest thing I’ve been wanting to talk about for ages, but didn’t exactly know what to call it or explain it.

Ever look at someone’s toon and think “Omgosh… they so cute/adorbs.”? Maybe I’m crazy, but I think that almost ALL the time.

Certain thing about the way people “move” their toon, how they look, even how they act via text chat (never really occurs with voice chat since we pair up  voice with actual persona as opposed to online persona) affects the “cuteness” factor.

Like earlier today, one player that I know (who is one of the best players I know) was playing a Deep Gnome and she was just so adorable! When I think back, his Shadar-Kai wolf was also really cute!! Maybe this has more to do with race, but even his online persona complements the cuteness – he hardly talks but when he does, he occasionally uses the “:D” emoticon. Now I know some people overuse that (cough cough me cough) so it wears off the cuteness factor in a sense, but when its used at the right time and the right amount on the right toon… cuteness overload.

So definitely, race does play a huge part in this “factor.” For instance, its hard to think a bulky Purple Dragon Knight takes any part of the cake in “cute.” Not to say there aren’t any, but just more difficult than say, a Deep Gnome. Personally, I find Deep Gnomes much more cuter than Halflings (since I have played them myself too) simply because of their facial structures that accentuate more of the adorable appeal than the serious, distinct features of Halflings. Their gait is also different and follow the cuteness pattern much better than any other race. I also have to say Dwarves are adorable too – they aren’t ridiculously buff like PDKs, but they are stout and fluffy enough to be lovable!
Any character under the category of a normal sized wolf or bear form (Druids) fall in my book of adorable too! When a wolf is shifting its weight to the left or right when scanning the view, it is reminiscent of a wolf sniffing around almost. The same applies to the bear form, except it is with its jumping – when a bear jumps up and down, its tail…!!

One of the other weird things that really stands out to me particularly is when a toon abruptly moves, as if it were shocked briefly by a jolt of awakedness or confusion (or both!). I have no idea how this = cute, but somehow it does in my mind. I’m weird.

And as I mentioned before, even the textual context of the player him or herself can enhance the “cuteness” factor. Appropriate emoticons, even the grammar and spelling of how someone speaks all count. I find it so strange and amazing at the same time that I somehow cannot explain this but understand it so well. I’m sure lots of people know what I’m talking about, well, at least my younger sister I know for sure!

I can’t really think of anything else that I find cute or what leads to that “cuteness” factor, but I know this just totally sounds like a bunch of random babble about some floating, undefined thoughts!! People probably think I’m creepy too (Chrys says so too)! Then again we make fun of each other for being creepy/ier. Sighhh, haha.

😀 /creepy smile

New Character Concept

Uwagh, so lately I have been debating on creating my very first male character. The whole idea behind it is that he is to be Sera’s love interest, since I’ve always wanted to come up with some kind of backstory and lore behind my toons, even to the point of having a love interest. But there are so many things to consider – am I even comfortable playing a male character at all? I don’t have really have anything against guys playing female characters (except some cynicism, but its all just a matter of different perspective) but I’ve always found it just awkward for me to play any toon that isn’t female. This whole gender bias has been there since I first started playing games that involved anything with gender – so even in Pokemon games, I would reroll my starter Pokemon until I got a female. It’s not that I thought one was superior to the other – in a sense, even then I was projecting myself into  the game in some way. In many MMORPG’s especially, this is the case because well, role-playing. It is funny, when I first understood the term role-playing I never applied it to myself. But in reality, I was a very heavy role player since I was young along with my younger sister especially. I think coming from us as an artistic family this makes a lot of sense.

You know, come to think of it, it’s astonishing that female Pokemons are less likely than a male one. The % ratio is literally like 12.5% vs. 88.5% or something like that. But that’s besides the point. 🙂

However, the reason for this male character is not so that I can mildly role play as a guy like with the role play (very mild, I’m talking to almost indistinguishable levels, haha!) I do with my other alts, but rather to build a character just so that in my mind/conscience, I can establish the character in the story. It is a difficult concept to explain! But I think something as novel and interesting as this will be fun.

One thing that bothers me a lot is that there will only be 1 male toon versus 9 other female toons. I don’t know why, but harems tend to bother me. Maybe it is because of the gender roles and the culture of our society today that just leads me to this uncomfortable feeling. Or that this is just numerically unbalanced. Whatever the case is, I may end up creating 2 male toons, heck maybe just 10 more male toons! Ack, but then I don’t like having that many… This is a confuzzling topic.

Let’s say I do make the male character. I already know that the name will be Reinegard Aran. The name doesn’t necessarily have a meaning, but was to have an elegant quality – “gard” usually means some kind of defender, in this case, defender of a certain celestial. 🙂 Aran just sounds cool to me! (Plus, I had just finished watching the K-drama “Arang and the Magistrate”).

I guess before I can make any decisions (after the first one of whether I should make this character at all in the first place) I should look at exactly what kind of character is he. I keep going back and forth between a dark character versus an upright, lawful character. The character could either be a half dragon vampire which is an interesting combo I think, or a powerful fighter. The color of the dragon heritage is also something I keep going back and forth about – black? Or gold? Colors have their meaning, elements, and alignments. Sigh, this is tougher than I thought.

Well, at the very very least, I know what he looks like for sure. I found this image just by searching half dragons when I was doing some research as to possible races (part of why I’m very set on a half dragon/half elf (meaning part elf, not to be confused with the Half-Elf) race – although there is no such thing as this in game so I’m stuck with Elf).


Look at dat bootiful face.

The more I look at it, the more it could go either way. He could be this powerful half (gold) dragon paladin warrior. But when I think of an elven Paladin in game, they just are so… scrawny. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just not the image I’m looking for. Because then, a lean, dual wielding Ranger would be a better fit. But looking at the image once more, he doesn’t necessarily look like a lean, muscular person. He could still have that powerful image, but in a more subtle appearance – like a vampire. Now for the other personality, he could be like this dark, cold, black half dragon vampire knight (likely dual wielding again). But the the thing I’m so torn over the two is a matter of good and evil – Sera is definitely supposed to be this beacon of light, and while there are plenty of love stories out there where one character is like this embodiment of evil falling in love with the good side… I don’t know! xD It’s just kind of hard to think about it that way because I’m always rooting for the good side.

Then again, I shouldn’t judge based on appearance. 😛 Reinegard may have evil needs as a vampire, but perhaps somewhere in the story love changes him to become a greater person in protecting the one he loves. ❤

All this talk about romance and stuff makes me feel so awkward. Maybe because I’ve never really formally written any kind of fiction. I sometimes think about writing some DDO fiction as blog posts, but I think that is a bit much ehehe. For now, it’s good enough to just outline the story line by establishing the characters and basic setting. 🙂

Back to a more of a rather, gaming perspective. I am kind of leaning more towards a vampire theme, so I have done some planning already as to how the build would look like. Something like 11 Wizard/5 Ranger/4 Fighter would be ideal, with enough Wizard levels for basic, important spells and vampire form. Since he is TWF, 5 Ranger for the tier 5 enhancements. 4 Fighter grants me some more feats, and some tankiness with Stalwart Defense stance. I am likely going to make use of the racial tree taking Arcane Fluidity and making sure there is no ASF with a heavy armor build. Stat wise, I think he would be either STR or INT based, likely the latter even if STR is easier to raise. Simply because of Spellcraft to boost elemental damage from enhancements, some spell viability, and most importantly, to make use of Harper enhancements. Speaking of all this, I kind of worry if there will be enough AP for this all…

There are definitely some constants from this whole concept at least. Those are:

  1. Male Elf (true race would be a half dragon/half elf)
  2. Must be a warrior/combat toon of some sort – cannot be a caster (complete opposite of Sera)
  3. Two Weapon Fighting

… I can only think of those. Welp. There are those at least to surround the build around.

I will have to look into cosmetics and stuff into building the kind of character I want this one to be specifically. See, with the new golden armor and helm I could have easily done some sort of Paladin warrior theme. But as a vampire, I will have to find some kind of evil robe or something. Actually, I don’t want it to be just pure cloth – some kind of cloth with armor parts. That will be a challenge to find.

Outlining my thoughts here will hopefully help me finally decide sometime and organize my ideas. I wonder how bad this will look when I read back on it later.