R1 ToEE Part 1 & 2 Solo Experience

Boy, is this going to be a fun story to share!

Lately I have been writing more about my questing experiences because they have been eventful – which is totally awesome in my opinion! The game should be fun and exciting – full of storytelling material and content. And this is just another one of them.

What inspired me to do these solo runs is a couple of things: solo performance in high level reaper content, and most importantly, the thrill of exploring an expanse dungeon, one that is of preferably and generally unbeknownst to me. This was an excellent learning experience in not just refreshing my memory in how to run the quest, but to immerse myself in a dungeon that I consider to be fun if and only if I am running it for that sole purpose. And this was just one of those days when I needed some solitude and quiet time.

I have to admit, I am thoroughly surprised at my performance. I was farming the rares in ToEE part 2 today solo and I was just not able to survive or play as well as I did in the previous completion run. Something about my attitude and mood greatly affects my play style performance, it seems… as if I was almost in a trance like state playing through the two part dungeon.

But enough of generalities. Let’s get to it!

ToEE Part 1

Let me just say that first and foremost, these two quests were full on exploratory runs – I spent a decent chunk of my evening that day running both parts, and while it was difficult and challenging at various instances, it was also loads of fun. I got to re-learn the quests and re-familiarize myself with the pathing, quest objectives, and other areas otherwise left unexplored in a normal zerging run.

ToEE Part 1 was more of a successful run than Part 2 for many reasons: Part 2’s end fight, lesser death count, and overall, better tactical strategies employed. At first, I was almost unsure about the performance because even the outer perimeter mobs were difficult to deal with at first. But I plowed forward, and did my best. To be honest, ToEE is not much different than Slavers in terms of mob-spawn placement – they are placed in almost every 5-10 feet distance of the next “cluster.” In that regard, the same psychology of difficulty-familiarity, I suppose, was translated here; so I felt as if it were possible after all, since I’ve ran countless Slavers’ runs (a little hard to explain, but that’s the best I can do).

Surprisingly, I realized that the difficulty tier for these types of quests are variable in my experience and level of play. The other day I was trying to replicate a solo rare farming run, but I was killed far more often than the completion run here. Perhaps it was the level of determination that separates the two cases, but I was kind of surprised that the latter performance varied by a large margin.

R1 ToEE P1

As you can see, I spent over 86 minutes, with a death + a Jibbers death due to an unfortunate encounter, and while the first part has NOTHING on the second part’s duration, Part 1 did feel a lot more of a drag because I enjoyed the elemental nodes sections a lot more than running to each elemental area and grabbing their keys. Part 1 was fairly straightforward, and I had to remind myself how to calculate my SP and conserve enough before the next shrine, a bit more dangerously than in Part 2. All in all, the mobs were mostly susceptible to my spells and I was able to dispatch most of them before they could take me out (although there were many close calls + the one instance when I did die). I remember running nearly out of SP at the Water room where we fight the aquatic gelatinous cube and water elemental guardians. There was also another point when I was keeping a good 15-20 meter distance from the Medusa rare near the Earth area location in order to stay alive and physically evade her deadly force blasts. Lots of memorable instances!

ToEE Part 1 is definitely more “do-able” as R1 solo compared to ToEE Part 2, by a long shot.

ToEE Part 2

Part 2 was… very interesting. The screenshot should say a lot in itself.

R1 ToEE P2

In this case, this was maybe a 90% solo. The boss fight was a huge 10% that I needed assistance with (and rightfully so, that end fight is nuts!). But we’ll get to that at the end.

I spent almost 5 hours exploring the entire ToEE map, and I have to say it was quite fulfilling. My favorite areas are the Water and Air elemental node sections, and while Earth and Fire were more easier sections to complete, it was not quite as interesting and Water and Air in terms of environmental design.

However, at one point, I started getting some crazy latency – as in, above 3K with the yellow symbol. My internet very rarely does this where the wifi connection kind of starts losing it ever since we moved and downgraded from high speed. And running R1 solo, as a caster, there is close to 0% forgiveness ratio when it comes to damage intake. I also feared that if I crashed, which at one point I almost did, I’d lose the entire progress – which I was already 3-4 hours in.

R1 ToEE P2 Latency

Thus, I had asked a guildie (Jynxx) to help hold the quest down in case that happened, which she so graciously did. I was really glad to ask her because she wasn’t going to help me in the quest (at first) or talk to me nonstop since she was busy browsing around FaceBook, so I was content in just the quiet company of another friend. Of course, as soon as I took such cautious measures, the latency disappeared. With +1 party member scaling too I was noticing a lot more respawns and greater clusters of mobs, which added a little more difficulty, but nothing impossible.

Now, boss fight was just pure hectic. I was really nervous and excited at the same time entering the boss fight arena, only to be shot down very quickly. I lasted maybe 5 minutes before Zuggtmoy took me down with one of her Earthquakes and a barrage of attacks. Spending nearly 300 minutes in the quest, I was not about to give up though. I burnt through maybe about half a dozen Siberys cakes before I finally gave in to ask for help. The biggest obstacle was that I already had the maximum death penalties stacked on Sera, with me being unable to dodge or evade from her Earthquakes once I realized I was in the affected area too late, along with the final mobs that release when she reaches the third HP threshold. The red named Goristro, minimal compact environmental space that I actually had, along with a barrage of other mini mobs, spells, and toxic mushrooms she was throwing at me, on top of her deadly mushroom wave attack, all made it quite difficult to make it through. By the time I got to my 6th cake, I realized I was out of tactical strategies to use to defeat her unless I got help – the fact that I had no other reliable player to help keep some or most of the heat of mob agro made it immensely challenging for me to solo the end fight. As well as no one else being there to raise me when I needed it, hence burning more of my own personal resources, much to my dismay.

So once I got Jynxx’s attention from her semi-afk to ask for some help, she tried her best to come rescue me, as she didn’t fully know her way to end fight. In the meanwhile, I searched through as many alts as I could, and finally found Palieup available to use who was flagged. Dualboxing her, I summoned a hire, invised through the entire dungeon, and met up with Jynxx, right before the end fight. Discussing tactics, we were going to rush in together and raise Sera – but as I read in the wiki moments before (I did have to reference the wiki in Part 2 a few times), Zuggtmoy’s attacks can affect the area right before the entrance. And we basically died right there to the mobs that teleported outside the entrance barrier. Except my hunch told me to park the hire in the previous area before.

With the hire to raise me, I ran all the way back with only 1 or 2 seconds to spare, and got Jynxx up. We eventually dispatched the trash mobs that teleported outside of the area, and then after recuperating and rebuffs, we entered the boss fight together. The rest of the boss fight, with all the trash mobs gone, was mostly a breeze – Sera was revived and restored of all her death penalties from Palie’s Unyielding Sovereignty effect, and Zuggtmoy’s remaining health was depleted to our completion.

The moment of relief washed over me when we finally got it, mostly out of exasperation, so I was just glad that even with assistance at the end it was done. While I didn’t like to use the cakes, I almost never use those cakes in other situations as I have Jibbers and often run in groups where I raise someone who can in turn, raise, or others raise me. And, there are the other 41 supreme cakes that are sitting in my bank. 🙂

All in all, I had a blast, despite running into challenging situations or other “micro-challenges” such as lag. I really hope to do another challenging solo (attempt at least) run like this, particularly in large quests where I can spend my time enjoying the quest. The primary reason for running this on R1 at all was mostly for the first time bonus though – but now, perhaps some other time, I can relax and explore even further at an easier difficulty. Mostly because in some cases, I couldn’t explore 100% because of lack of resources (SP) or out of caution.

This is just one step towards refining the Favored Soul build, as this does indicate a lot of weaknesses (and strengths!) that the build holds. But really, I just had fun simply running solo in the solitude of my own, without any worry for others, or “ruined” by even running with just one other person, at least the entire quest. Learning to be accountable on my own in a high level quest is what I’d like to see and test for myself.

Personal Questing Agenda: Levels 15-30 (ITR Spec)

Figured I’d make a post about a leveling agenda to help me keep better track of my TRs and even share to friends or guildies if they need. 🙂

Note: This is personalized for Sera who has both Greater Tome of Heroic and Epic Learning, and is at least a third+ lifer meaning the XP curve will be different if you are a first or second lifer. Farming amount and quest brackets may differ for others. This agenda includes Bravery Bonus and maximum feasible favor. The goal is to never take a level until hardcap (or at least close to it) is reached around level 20. Assume all quests are on maximum difficulty unless stated otherwise. This agenda is technically flexible and subject to change because of updates. Specific sub-notes in sub-bullet points.

DD – Dimension Door spell/ability
E/H/N – Elite/Hard/Normal difficulties

These “levels” refer to the BB applied level of the quest, not base quest level.

Level 13

  • Tomb of the Tormented
  • Offering of Blood

Level 14

  • Lordsmarch chain (Diplomatic Impunity, Framework, & Eyes of Stone)
    • Diplomatic Impunity – invis run to the end and complete guard optional along with traps if possible.
    • Framework – Farm E x5, H/N x1 if trapping bonus is available || If not, E x3, H x1-2, N x1-2.
  • Sands of Menechtarun (Chamber of Raiyum, Chains of Flame, Against the Demon Queen, & Zawabi’s Revenge)

Level 15

  • Gianthold sides (Clockwise: Feast or Famine, Trial by Fire, Maze of Madness, Foundation of Discord, & Cry for Help).
  • Attack on Stormreach chain (Assault on Summerfield, Blockade Buster, Undermine, Siegebreaker)
    • Assault on Summerfield – either quick speed run for completion OR (preferable) gain all or most optionals/bonuses (Ransack/Tamper/Vigilant).
    • Blockade Buster – Farm E x5, H/N x1 || use DD
  • Mired in Kobolds (E x1)
  • Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener (E x1)

Level 16

  • Gianthold (Cabal for One, Crucible, Madstone Crater, & Prison of the Planes).
  • Necropolis IV (Counter Clockwise: Desecrated Temple of Vol, Inferno of the Damned, Fleshmaker’s Laboratory, & Ghosts of Perdition).
    • Desecrated Temple of Vol – Farm E x5, H/N x1
    • Inferno of the Damned – Farm E x5, H/N x1; will not likely need all of these farming runs, in fact, Temple of Vol should cover it. However, in the event something occurs and you do not get hardcap, Inferno is a good farm since you know it.
  • Reaver’s Fate [Raid]
  • Optional: If more XP is needed, Devil’s Gambit chain (farming Subversion E x5, H/N x1).

Level 17

  • Litany of the Dead – Farm E x5, H/N x1 || Alternative: E x1, H x5, N x1
  • Shadow over Wheloon Chain (Disciples of Shar, Escape Plan, Shadow of a Doubt)
    • Shadow of a Doubt – Farm (E/H/N x1 if necessary)
  • Optional Quests: Acid Wit, Delirium, & Search and Rescue

Level 18-20
Do not take level 19 – from 18+, bank all the way to 20.

  • [16] Vale of Twilight (Rainbow in the Dark, Let Sleeping Dust Lie, Running with the Devils, Coalescence Chamber, & Ritual Sacrifice)
    • Running with the Devils – Farm E x5, H/N x1 (if necessary)
  • [16] Optional Quest: Mask of Deception (E x1)
  • [17] Reaver’s Reach (Monastery of the Scorpion & Enter the Kobold)
    • Monastery of the Scorpion – Farm E x5, H/N x1 || Alternative: E x1, H x5, N x1
  • [17] Sane Asylum – Farm E x5, H/N x1 || Alternative: E x1, H x5, N x1

For purposes of speed levelling, skip all of the heroic 19-21 quests in that bracket and start immediately with Lords of Dust chain for access to Eveningstar (disregarding Hall of Heroes teleport function).

Epic Level Bracket:

  • [20-25] Web of Chaos chain (Lords of Dust, Servants of the Overlord, Spinner of Shadows, & Beyond the Rift)
  • [20-25] King’s Forest chain (Impossible Demands, Unquiet Graves, The Lost Thread, & A Battle for Eveningstar)
  • [20-25, 20-26] Vault of Night chain (Tharashk Arena, The Prisoner of the Mind, Jungle of Khyber, Haywire Foundry, & Vault of Night/Plane of Night [raids]
    • VON 3/4 – EE/EH/EN x1 at least, marked as dailies
    • VON 5 – EE/EH/EN x1 if possible
  • [20-25] Spies of the House
    • EE/EH/EN x1 at least, marked as a daily
  • [20-25] Chronoscope
  • [20-26] Sschindylryn chain (House of Death Undone, House of Rusted Blades, House of Broken Chains, & The Portal Opens)
    • Don’t Drink the Water & In the Belly of the Beast
  • [20-27] Demonweb chain (Trial by Fury, Deal and the Demon, & Reclaiming the Rift)
    • Trial by Fury – EE/EH/EN if necessary
  • [20-27] Druid’s Deep (Outbreak, Overgrowth, Thorn and Paw, & The Druid’s Curse)
  • [20-28] The High Road (Detour, Lost in the Swamp, A Stay at the Inn, Rest Stop, & End of the Road)
  • [20-30] Eveningstar Challenges (x2 Dryad’s Grove, Sunset Ritual, & Underdark Arena) – CR 30, 6 Stars
  • [20-30] Devil’s Gambit quests (Grim and Barett & Subversion)
    • EE/EH/EN if necessary for latter two difficulties, marked as dailies
  • [20-30] Wheloon chain (Friends in Low Places, A Lesson in Deception, Army of Shadow, Thrill of the Hunt, & Through a Mirror Darkly)
  • [20-30] Stormhorns chain (Tracker’s Trap, Lines of Supply, Breaking Ranks, A Break in the Ice, & What Goes Up)
  • [25-30] Legendary raids (Legendary Shroud, Legendary Tempest Spine, & Legendary Hound of Xoriat)
  • [20-30] Stand alone miscellaneous quests (Mask of Deception, A Study in Sable, & Brothers of the Forge

These are fill in quests/slayers across levels where more XP is needed and to cover any XP “holes” in reaching the next bracket on the list.

  • Slayers: Thunderholme and Necropolis
    • All messages in Thunderholme
    • Both flags from Thunderholme (in case any chance for the raids if an opportunity arises)
    • Roughly ~3K in each slayer count
  • Dailies
    • Check above for quests marked as daily/dailies (CTRL + F, “marked”)

And that’s my current ITR plan! Maybe once I get back to final life as a Human Favored Soul, I will detail a HTR plan, and when I get back to epics, an ETR plan maybe as I still have yet to achieve triple Epic Completionist! 🙂