Another DDO Update: 49th RXP Mark, Lvl 6 Druid, & More

It’s kind of amazing how I’ve been sticking to my alts these past couple of weeks! So much that I almost feel like I’m losing touch on Sera here and there. I’m not as devoted or motivated to go run Reaper dailies, even though today I just got my 49th point. OCD tells me I need to get 50th, but it’s no big deal. Almost 100k per level is exhausting to me without drinking pots or first time bonus.

As much as I would like to just TR and get those first time bonuses too, it’s a bit much. Whereas I might be making only 2-3k rxp per quest, I’d probably spend longer in heroics and epics getting up there. Really don’t want to put in that much effort either, probably.

Anyhow, I think it was maybe a few days ago? A week ago? That I finally got to TR my Druid. It’s been… years for all three of my alts. Except I forgot that I only had maybe like 1 or 2 more raids to go for 20th completion, one of which was Deathwyrm and maybe FOTP. I needed the mask too for Milo’s cosmetic as a helf, ugh.

In any case, it’s progress. I finally got around to Niveax’s TR, which has been interesting so far. 6 levels in, supposed to be a ranged AA character, but I’m playing her as a wolf build with a Vorpal longsword until I get more points into AA and better gear, I guess. If there’s one thing about Druids I really do enjoy though, it’s that they are so adorable. I had so much fun emote chatting with a guildie, pretending to be this “slightly neurotic” dog as he called it. XD

From here on, I guess once Milo and Niv reach cap, I can then focus on just gearing them up. Ugh. That already sounds like a pain. But… then what? Just focus on Sera’s rxp grind? I still have a little over halfway to go for 5.625 million, basically 3 million more to go still. That… is an insane amount of rxp grinding. I suppose I won’t break that until maybe a whole year later, when we already have some folks with the wings. I just gotta keep at the grind. I wonder if we will start seeing them more as time passes on, it’s been way more than a year since Reaper released, surely there ought to be more Reaper wing sightings? I might only hear of a few that are around. But then again, once you’re sucked into your Reaper static groups, it’s hard to find those same players around in any mundane setting. 😀

One thing’s for sure, Ravenloft has helped tremendously in bridging the gear gap. I do somewhat think its a bit cheap, but for alts its also not a bad thing totally. Sylvette feels much more viable, and I suppose it’s also because I have a better direction with the builds now. Sadly, Reaper has sort of made that easy for me; no more creative or flavor heavy builds, it’s time to work.

Reincarnation Track Update


Man, I get tired of rewriting the reincarnation track, but it happens because of updates and all. Meh.

If I don’t write out these things I literally will think about the TR plans all day, for days or weeks, so here I am, writing it out.

So here is the new plan, with added lives. Kill me nao.

Current Life: 18/1/1 Fighter/Artificer/Favored Soul, Half Elf
Fury of the Wild, Kensai

  • ER: Doubleshot – AA spec, Fury
  • ER: Doubleshot – Kensai spec, Fury
  • ER: Doubleshot – Direct TR

1st Ranger: 18/1/1 Ranger/Artificer/Wizard, Deep Gnome
Fury of the Wild, Deepwood Sniper (regain Primal karma)

  • ER: Power over Life and Death – Tempest spec, Divine Crusader

2nd Ranger: 18/1/1 Ranger/Artificer/Cleric, Sun Elf
Fury of the Wild, Arcane Archer

  • ER: Power over Life and Death – Tempest spec, Divine Crusader

3rd Ranger: 18/1/1 Ranger/Artificer/Cleric, Sun Elf
Divine Crusader, Tempest

  • ER: Power over Life and Death – Tempest spec, Divine Crusader

Racial Reincarnations

  • Human 18/2 Warlock/Rogue (Fiend)
  • Human 18/2 Warlock/Rogue (Fiend)
  • Half Elf 18/2 Warlock/Rogue (Fey)
  • Half Elf 18/2 Warlock/Rogue (Fey)
  • Dragonborn 18/2 Warlock/Rogue (GOO)
  • Dragonborn 18/2 Warlock/Rogue (GOO)

So… 16-18 (haven’t decided if I want to flesh out the rest of Dragonborn and Half Elf lives – Human is left alone so that the future TR project allows Sera to TR once more without wasting a PL) more lives from now I’ll finally be “done.” I decided against doing some of the other lives that I would have because I am just that desperate to get back to Favored Soul.

I have, I believe, 2 Heroic and 1 Epic boxes. I’ve been debating on finally using them, and maybe even buying more when they go on sale. I’m thinking to save 1 of the boxes for the final Favored Soul life, and use 1 of each heroic and epic for the final of each reincarnation types (so the final Ranger ER life and the final Dragonborn life). Wish I had more boxes, but I also don’t really want to cough up the cash. 😦

Welp, at least I can look back and track the slow but certain progress. Maybe I’ll make it right on time for an exact one year anniversary of Favored Soul “free.” *cries*


Feeling Productive!


Two nights ago, I got Sera to about a third into level 27 from halfway of 24. That was about 3 levels in a day! Now she is ready for to start her last two Block Energy EPLs.

More and more I realize that I follow a pattern of remission in my productivity. A week of boosted (often in fury/frustration) productivity, and maybe 1-2 weeks of decline. This is beyond frustrating overall but I have to see that I also have been at this for almost a whole year now. It is only natural.

Still, that is partly what this entire documentation of this TR project is for. It keeps me on my toes, organizes my thoughts in how much work is left, and for the future, for me to fondly read over again.

So far, I have these past lives left in this revised plan (after the ER that I will do later today):

  • {Current – 2nd} Fighter Life (PDK 20 Fighter)
    • Block Energy x1
  • >> {3rd} Fighter Life (Elf 18/1/1 Fighter/Artificer/Bard)
    • Fortification x3
    • Doubleshot x3
  • >> {1st} Ranger Life
    • Power Over Life and Death
  • >> {2nd} Ranger Life
    • Power Over Life and Death
  • >> {3rd} Ranger Life
    • Power Over Life and Death

Total Left: 10 Epic Reincarnations, 4 Heroic/Iconic Reincarnations

I’m kind of on the cuff of going Half Elf versus Elf on the third Fighter life, but currently, I’ve posted Elf since I can take the Dragonmark for an Extended Displacement if needed (even though that may not be necessary with my x6 Displacement clickies).

I still have a total of 14 lives to go in general, but compared to how many I’ve done over the course of the past year (and years before that), it feels like nothing!

I’ve also come to find that just running dailies every day in whatever spare time I have is about the same as grinding sagas. It still takes about roughly a week to complete, except that I have to have at least one wilderness prepped with a Sovereign I potion burning. I also have to get a little lucky with raids, particularly a smooth LH Shroud. I’ve also expanded my horizon of “dailies” list to include various excellent xp/min quests, such as Impossible Demands. I now have a rotating cycle of dailies to run in each day, marked notably by region (Eberron, Forgotten Realms) as well as a raids section. These are, in order (and all in EN considering no first time bonus):


  • Spies in the House
  • Lords of Dust
  • Grim and Barrett
  • (Optional) Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener
  • Subversion
  • Chamber of Raiyum
  • Offering of Blood
  • Jungle of Khyber
  • Haywire Foundry
  • Legend of Two Toed Tobias
  • (Optional) Devil’s Assault
  • (Optional) Bargain of Blood

Forgotten Realms:

  • Through a Mirror Darkly
  • What Goes Up
  • Mask of Deception
  • Thorn and Paw
    • Only if there is at least one other person prepping half the dungeon with you for speed
  • Trial by Fury
  • House of Death Undone
  • House of Rusted Blades
  • Impossible Demands

Raids Edition:

  • Against the Demon Queen/Zawabi’s Revenge
  • Legendary Shroud
  • Legendary Tempest Spine
  • Legendary Hound of Xoriat
  • Vault/Plane of Night

And of course there are so many more other quests that if I haven’t ran on first time bonus, are great to run (such as Haunted Halls, Sable, Brothers, etc).

I hope I can keep up this productive streak so I can finally finish this gruesome project. As much fun as it is, it is also past my grinding limits. I just hope I can finish in time for the Favored Soul update.

Revisions to the TR Project

*Deep sigh*

I am a bit sleep deprived as I type this, so forgive me if it sounds off. But I’ve been meaning to write about this as I approach closer to the end of my long TR project.

With the confirmation of Dragonborn’s release, it had never occurred to me that they could potentially release this race as an Iconic, or at least an additional complement version similar to Deep Gnome/Gnome (since that would make them the most money logically as well). Because of this, I realized to make the most out of this TR project without having to embark on yet another (albeit much shorter, but still a hassle), I would need to readjust the plan.

Currently on the second Fighter life, I’d have to reserve the last three Ranger lives for Dragonborn if there is an iconic version. Which means in order to stall long enough for the release of Dragonborn (which is supposedly coming for 11th Anniversary, so around end of February), I’d need to start farming ER’s now rather than the original plan of farming them later. I get the feeling based on my speed of progress with school and work that I don’t need to stall too much, but I’ve planned to do so just in case I work faster than anticipated.

  1. Fighter
    1. Doublestrike x3
  2. Fighter*
    1. Block Energy x2
    2. Power Over Life and Death x3
  3. Ranger x3
    1. Doubleshot x3

*Optional ER’s if more time is needed, or possibly do those so only 3 ER’s left for final life for minimum work.

I’ve also debated on just doing the final 3 Power over Life and Death so that I don’t have to farm ER’s on Sera’s final life, but we shall see once the time comes.

The goal is to make sure all of the non Divine sphere types are out of the way before the big day for returning back to Favored Soul arrives. Originally, I planned to just knock out the 3 Martial ones as a Favored Soul maul build since those are so powerful (and it would have been fun to try those out) but I decided not to. If I ever do get the urge to play one, I can do so on the 3 saved Martial ones (Fortification) – I decided I would not be a complete Triple Epic Completionist, in the event that I need to reincarnate to redo the build in some way and there would not be a way to reincarnate (as confirmed by a friend of mine who is one… makes me wonder if his toon is just flagged forever for an ER?).

It took me some time to come to terms with this whole idea of revising the project in the first place, but I reasoned that it would be the smart thing to do as much as I hate to revise it in the first place. I’m also too stubborn to use Otto boxes (at least as a part of this project) because I can’t exactly say that I completed it in the way I had intended for this project to be. Once I am set in a decision, I am just that stubborn to go through it all the way.

Well, I suppose we shall see what happens as the 11th Anniversary approaches. This is one of the rare moments when I am keeping up to date on Dragonborn as much as possible because this affects my TR options and plans. I never thought I would though considering that its not some celestial race like Aasimar (which I would certainly be thrilled for), and that I am not much of a person who keeps up with game news at all until the after-release.

I know I whine a lot about wanting to get back to Favored Soul, but I always think about how much fun it will be to come back so much more powerful. I was looking over the Celestial Radiance build page and man, there is a lot of work to do in the Gear section. I’ve even debated on changing up Epic feats perhaps. All this recent thinking about the final life as a whole has me totally stoked and ready for all this to end so I can finally play what I want to play! Hopefully, at the very least, that happens before the end of this semester. Time is all the more precious to me, and I’ve spent much longer than I anticipated.

Although, I guess that is to be expected when you plan to be a triple everything completionist.