Hurray! One Step Ahead Now!

YAY!! Last night I just got approval to use a song for an upcoming personal video project! I can’t wait to get started, but until I get bored of Sera’s current (final) life, I can’t exactly work on it 100%. It won’t be anything special but I think it would be a lot of fun. This is my first time actually asking an artist for permission, and they are foreign even, so I’m thrilled that they actually said yes within an hour of my email! It probably helps that I emailed at 3AM my time which is afternoon or somewhere close to that on the other side of the globe. Now, to start the “filming” process — well, I need to finish Sera’s life first ASAP! Ahhh shoot, and I also have Milo’s TR going… I should have waited!! Hahaha. At the very least, I’ll have something to work on at the start of the next semester! 🙂

Must… replay…

Totally off topic, but I seriously cannot stop replaying this song!! Literally even in game I can’t stop replaying… I’m sure my gaming friends would probably know the entire song (by hearing little snippets of my internal mic going off) in about a month if it kept up! xD The beat and everything about it… too perf… Posted for my own (ab)use.

I love Honeyworks, I should just post all of their songs/channel here (all credit due to them where it belongs!). But that would take ages, and for some reason, I think I have to say this one is my favorite (even though I just came across it like two days ago!!).

(Reminder: CC for English subtitles!)

Perfect theme song for Seraphemia!?

As I listen to a lot of music while gaming, I came across this beautiful piece by Lindsey Stirling and thought if Seraphemia had a theme song, it would be “Ascendance”.

The whole idea of a normal human being rising to “ascendance” totally struck a chord with me (or at least, that’s the idea I had when I listened to this song after reading its title~)! I could see it also being like the journey of a newbie 28 point character on a path rising to goddesshood (?) to a now 36 point Legend character with several past lives and accumulated gear. Now that Sera is on her final life too, I think its just perf!! 🙂

The theme song thing for a character was inspired by an old friend of mine – one of my oldest friends who doesn’t play anymore but was a very experienced player in the past. I remember him sending me certain songs that were theme songs for each of his characters, and I was at first like “kewl.” Now I can totally see what he means – maybe I am starting to be borderline (or overboard…) obsessed with DDO/my character Seraphemia – heck, why did I even start a blog about them!? xD

I found this song while I was sifting through Lindsey Stirling’s playlist (the usual, “Shadows”, “Spontaneous Me”) and it looked veeeerrry interesting already with the title. Once I heard it, I was like “this is it!” While it didn’t sound as great (though all of her songs are AMAZING!) as “V-pop”, which was another that I came across along with “Ascendance”, it totally felt in tune with Sera’s character.

Anyhoo, this is just my rambling – gotta love Lindsey Stirling (who, actually, I originally came across in a DDO Juggernaut YouTube vid)!

EDIT: Too many songs that I could pick from that could be Sera’s “theme song”, rawrrgh! xD