Let Me Sleep, Just a Little More.

I didn’t remember when I first woke up, but I wanted to fall back into sleep.

Away from what I call reality, I think that’s why I rest.

Why I love art and music, and DDO to transport me away from the game of Life.

Writing in nature even, surrounded by the buzz of people, birds, squirrels, the clattering of skateboards, the eyes that ever so watch me when I shut mine.

All encased within my shell, the ‘Buds that resound melodies.

I’m listening to music that carries a beat but somehow I can’t stop but think about my sister.

2 months.

Mama talks as usual on the ride to school. And she reminded me why I didn’t want to wake up in the first place.

I wanted to save her so badly. I dreamt that I was the one performing surgery. And despite the lack of memory over the surgical details, this was all that I could gather:

I thought of it like a plastic bag, then I realized a budding sprout was more appropriate. Snip the two pronged stems that support the fresh leaves, and then the supporting stem just above the root. I took it out myself, and while it was the only way, I also felt like I killed myself.

I was her, and not her, the surgeon but not the surgeon, in and out of bodily form.

This is what I dreamt. An ever so fleeting memory, or distant premonition, or imagination brought to life.

I told her today, after writing the above yesterday. She just hrmmed and listened, while I just described it as normally as I could. I mean, it wasn’t that serious. But my brain processes intense emotions into dreams, movies for me to enjoy. This one is the birth of grief, I believe.

I keep this blog sort of out of reach from my family. I’d feel awkward for them to read my innermost thoughts when strangers across the internet have access to them. Let it be. I don’t get how I tick sometimes, but those who may be the most closest to me don’t even know all of me. Just as I hide parts of who I am from others.

In a sense, I’ve never felt a true and deep connection with anyone except God who knows all of what I am. This distance, is not exempt from family relations. It’s rather – sad.

I was showed a new perspective today, I believe. Junie B. Jones. Remember it. Because finding out about my childhood’s love of reading – brought me to know – that somehow, get this, learning about the author’s death in 2013 opened my eyes on what was really important. Her life. Leave the rest behind, because whatever happens there is nothing worse than life robbed from my very comfortable world, the place of minimal fear and hurt that I grew up in, all made possible by her.

She is like my second mother, and father, so to speak. I was reminded of this fact today, and it deeply moved me. So I write, to not forget, because this chaotic mind of mine will lose these very raw emotions and thoughts in the turbulence of night.

Reincarnation Track Update


Man, I get tired of rewriting the reincarnation track, but it happens because of updates and all. Meh.

If I don’t write out these things I literally will think about the TR plans all day, for days or weeks, so here I am, writing it out.

So here is the new plan, with added lives. Kill me nao.

Current Life: 18/1/1 Fighter/Artificer/Favored Soul, Half Elf
Fury of the Wild, Kensai

  • ER: Doubleshot – AA spec, Fury
  • ER: Doubleshot – Kensai spec, Fury
  • ER: Doubleshot – Direct TR

1st Ranger: 18/1/1 Ranger/Artificer/Wizard, Deep Gnome
Fury of the Wild, Deepwood Sniper (regain Primal karma)

  • ER: Power over Life and Death – Tempest spec, Divine Crusader

2nd Ranger: 18/1/1 Ranger/Artificer/Cleric, Sun Elf
Fury of the Wild, Arcane Archer

  • ER: Power over Life and Death – Tempest spec, Divine Crusader

3rd Ranger: 18/1/1 Ranger/Artificer/Cleric, Sun Elf
Divine Crusader, Tempest

  • ER: Power over Life and Death – Tempest spec, Divine Crusader

Racial Reincarnations

  • Human 18/2 Warlock/Rogue (Fiend)
  • Human 18/2 Warlock/Rogue (Fiend)
  • Half Elf 18/2 Warlock/Rogue (Fey)
  • Half Elf 18/2 Warlock/Rogue (Fey)
  • Dragonborn 18/2 Warlock/Rogue (GOO)
  • Dragonborn 18/2 Warlock/Rogue (GOO)

So… 16-18 (haven’t decided if I want to flesh out the rest of Dragonborn and Half Elf lives – Human is left alone so that the future TR project allows Sera to TR once more without wasting a PL) more lives from now I’ll finally be “done.” I decided against doing some of the other lives that I would have because I am just that desperate to get back to Favored Soul.

I have, I believe, 2 Heroic and 1 Epic boxes. I’ve been debating on finally using them, and maybe even buying more when they go on sale. I’m thinking to save 1 of the boxes for the final Favored Soul life, and use 1 of each heroic and epic for the final of each reincarnation types (so the final Ranger ER life and the final Dragonborn life). Wish I had more boxes, but I also don’t really want to cough up the cash. 😦

Welp, at least I can look back and track the slow but certain progress. Maybe I’ll make it right on time for an exact one year anniversary of Favored Soul “free.” *cries*


Revisions to the TR Project

*Deep sigh*

I am a bit sleep deprived as I type this, so forgive me if it sounds off. But I’ve been meaning to write about this as I approach closer to the end of my long TR project.

With the confirmation of Dragonborn’s release, it had never occurred to me that they could potentially release this race as an Iconic, or at least an additional complement version similar to Deep Gnome/Gnome (since that would make them the most money logically as well). Because of this, I realized to make the most out of this TR project without having to embark on yet another (albeit much shorter, but still a hassle), I would need to readjust the plan.

Currently on the second Fighter life, I’d have to reserve the last three Ranger lives for Dragonborn if there is an iconic version. Which means in order to stall long enough for the release of Dragonborn (which is supposedly coming for 11th Anniversary, so around end of February), I’d need to start farming ER’s now rather than the original plan of farming them later. I get the feeling based on my speed of progress with school and work that I don’t need to stall too much, but I’ve planned to do so just in case I work faster than anticipated.

  1. Fighter
    1. Doublestrike x3
  2. Fighter*
    1. Block Energy x2
    2. Power Over Life and Death x3
  3. Ranger x3
    1. Doubleshot x3

*Optional ER’s if more time is needed, or possibly do those so only 3 ER’s left for final life for minimum work.

I’ve also debated on just doing the final 3 Power over Life and Death so that I don’t have to farm ER’s on Sera’s final life, but we shall see once the time comes.

The goal is to make sure all of the non Divine sphere types are out of the way before the big day for returning back to Favored Soul arrives. Originally, I planned to just knock out the 3 Martial ones as a Favored Soul maul build since those are so powerful (and it would have been fun to try those out) but I decided not to. If I ever do get the urge to play one, I can do so on the 3 saved Martial ones (Fortification) – I decided I would not be a complete Triple Epic Completionist, in the event that I need to reincarnate to redo the build in some way and there would not be a way to reincarnate (as confirmed by a friend of mine who is one… makes me wonder if his toon is just flagged forever for an ER?).

It took me some time to come to terms with this whole idea of revising the project in the first place, but I reasoned that it would be the smart thing to do as much as I hate to revise it in the first place. I’m also too stubborn to use Otto boxes (at least as a part of this project) because I can’t exactly say that I completed it in the way I had intended for this project to be. Once I am set in a decision, I am just that stubborn to go through it all the way.

Well, I suppose we shall see what happens as the 11th Anniversary approaches. This is one of the rare moments when I am keeping up to date on Dragonborn as much as possible because this affects my TR options and plans. I never thought I would though considering that its not some celestial race like Aasimar (which I would certainly be thrilled for), and that I am not much of a person who keeps up with game news at all until the after-release.

I know I whine a lot about wanting to get back to Favored Soul, but I always think about how much fun it will be to come back so much more powerful. I was looking over the Celestial Radiance build page and man, there is a lot of work to do in the Gear section. I’ve even debated on changing up Epic feats perhaps. All this recent thinking about the final life as a whole has me totally stoked and ready for all this to end so I can finally play what I want to play! Hopefully, at the very least, that happens before the end of this semester. Time is all the more precious to me, and I’ve spent much longer than I anticipated.

Although, I guess that is to be expected when you plan to be a triple everything completionist.


Personal Questing Agenda: Levels 15-30 (ITR Spec)

Figured I’d make a post about a leveling agenda to help me keep better track of my TRs and even share to friends or guildies if they need. 🙂

Note: This is personalized for Sera who has both Greater Tome of Heroic and Epic Learning, and is at least a third+ lifer meaning the XP curve will be different if you are a first or second lifer. Farming amount and quest brackets may differ for others. This agenda includes Bravery Bonus and maximum feasible favor. The goal is to never take a level until hardcap (or at least close to it) is reached around level 20. Assume all quests are on maximum difficulty unless stated otherwise. This agenda is technically flexible and subject to change because of updates. Specific sub-notes in sub-bullet points.

DD – Dimension Door spell/ability
E/H/N – Elite/Hard/Normal difficulties

These “levels” refer to the BB applied level of the quest, not base quest level.

Level 13

  • Tomb of the Tormented
  • Offering of Blood

Level 14

  • Lordsmarch chain (Diplomatic Impunity, Framework, & Eyes of Stone)
    • Diplomatic Impunity – invis run to the end and complete guard optional along with traps if possible.
    • Framework – Farm E x5, H/N x1 if trapping bonus is available || If not, E x3, H x1-2, N x1-2.
  • Sands of Menechtarun (Chamber of Raiyum, Chains of Flame, Against the Demon Queen, & Zawabi’s Revenge)

Level 15

  • Gianthold sides (Clockwise: Feast or Famine, Trial by Fire, Maze of Madness, Foundation of Discord, & Cry for Help).
  • Attack on Stormreach chain (Assault on Summerfield, Blockade Buster, Undermine, Siegebreaker)
    • Assault on Summerfield – either quick speed run for completion OR (preferable) gain all or most optionals/bonuses (Ransack/Tamper/Vigilant).
    • Blockade Buster – Farm E x5, H/N x1 || use DD
  • Mired in Kobolds (E x1)
  • Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener (E x1)

Level 16

  • Gianthold (Cabal for One, Crucible, Madstone Crater, & Prison of the Planes).
  • Necropolis IV (Counter Clockwise: Desecrated Temple of Vol, Inferno of the Damned, Fleshmaker’s Laboratory, & Ghosts of Perdition).
    • Desecrated Temple of Vol – Farm E x5, H/N x1
    • Inferno of the Damned – Farm E x5, H/N x1; will not likely need all of these farming runs, in fact, Temple of Vol should cover it. However, in the event something occurs and you do not get hardcap, Inferno is a good farm since you know it.
  • Reaver’s Fate [Raid]
  • Optional: If more XP is needed, Devil’s Gambit chain (farming Subversion E x5, H/N x1).

Level 17

  • Litany of the Dead – Farm E x5, H/N x1 || Alternative: E x1, H x5, N x1
  • Shadow over Wheloon Chain (Disciples of Shar, Escape Plan, Shadow of a Doubt)
    • Shadow of a Doubt – Farm (E/H/N x1 if necessary)
  • Optional Quests: Acid Wit, Delirium, & Search and Rescue

Level 18-20
Do not take level 19 – from 18+, bank all the way to 20.

  • [16] Vale of Twilight (Rainbow in the Dark, Let Sleeping Dust Lie, Running with the Devils, Coalescence Chamber, & Ritual Sacrifice)
    • Running with the Devils – Farm E x5, H/N x1 (if necessary)
  • [16] Optional Quest: Mask of Deception (E x1)
  • [17] Reaver’s Reach (Monastery of the Scorpion & Enter the Kobold)
    • Monastery of the Scorpion – Farm E x5, H/N x1 || Alternative: E x1, H x5, N x1
  • [17] Sane Asylum – Farm E x5, H/N x1 || Alternative: E x1, H x5, N x1

For purposes of speed levelling, skip all of the heroic 19-21 quests in that bracket and start immediately with Lords of Dust chain for access to Eveningstar (disregarding Hall of Heroes teleport function).

Epic Level Bracket:

  • [20-25] Web of Chaos chain (Lords of Dust, Servants of the Overlord, Spinner of Shadows, & Beyond the Rift)
  • [20-25] King’s Forest chain (Impossible Demands, Unquiet Graves, The Lost Thread, & A Battle for Eveningstar)
  • [20-25, 20-26] Vault of Night chain (Tharashk Arena, The Prisoner of the Mind, Jungle of Khyber, Haywire Foundry, & Vault of Night/Plane of Night [raids]
    • VON 3/4 – EE/EH/EN x1 at least, marked as dailies
    • VON 5 – EE/EH/EN x1 if possible
  • [20-25] Spies of the House
    • EE/EH/EN x1 at least, marked as a daily
  • [20-25] Chronoscope
  • [20-26] Sschindylryn chain (House of Death Undone, House of Rusted Blades, House of Broken Chains, & The Portal Opens)
    • Don’t Drink the Water & In the Belly of the Beast
  • [20-27] Demonweb chain (Trial by Fury, Deal and the Demon, & Reclaiming the Rift)
    • Trial by Fury – EE/EH/EN if necessary
  • [20-27] Druid’s Deep (Outbreak, Overgrowth, Thorn and Paw, & The Druid’s Curse)
  • [20-28] The High Road (Detour, Lost in the Swamp, A Stay at the Inn, Rest Stop, & End of the Road)
  • [20-30] Eveningstar Challenges (x2 Dryad’s Grove, Sunset Ritual, & Underdark Arena) – CR 30, 6 Stars
  • [20-30] Devil’s Gambit quests (Grim and Barett & Subversion)
    • EE/EH/EN if necessary for latter two difficulties, marked as dailies
  • [20-30] Wheloon chain (Friends in Low Places, A Lesson in Deception, Army of Shadow, Thrill of the Hunt, & Through a Mirror Darkly)
  • [20-30] Stormhorns chain (Tracker’s Trap, Lines of Supply, Breaking Ranks, A Break in the Ice, & What Goes Up)
  • [25-30] Legendary raids (Legendary Shroud, Legendary Tempest Spine, & Legendary Hound of Xoriat)
  • [20-30] Stand alone miscellaneous quests (Mask of Deception, A Study in Sable, & Brothers of the Forge

These are fill in quests/slayers across levels where more XP is needed and to cover any XP “holes” in reaching the next bracket on the list.

  • Slayers: Thunderholme and Necropolis
    • All messages in Thunderholme
    • Both flags from Thunderholme (in case any chance for the raids if an opportunity arises)
    • Roughly ~3K in each slayer count
  • Dailies
    • Check above for quests marked as daily/dailies (CTRL + F, “marked”)

And that’s my current ITR plan! Maybe once I get back to final life as a Human Favored Soul, I will detail a HTR plan, and when I get back to epics, an ETR plan maybe as I still have yet to achieve triple Epic Completionist! 🙂