My Personal 2020 Updated TR Checklist


☐ Pick up any Saga rewards:

  • Heroic / Racial TR:
    • 3BC / Sentinels
    • Ravenloft
    • Gianthold
    • Sharn City + Sharn Cogs
  • Iconic TR:
    • (Heroic) Gianthold
    • (Epic) MotU (4)
    • (Epic) Ravenloft
    • (Epic) Sharn City + Sharn Cogs
    • (Epic) 3BC / Sentinels*
    • (Epic) Gianthold*

*Unlikely to run.

☐ Turn in favor achievements and rewards (not all required):

  • Twelve favor for ingredient bags
  • Harper favor for Greater Harper Pin
  • Yugoloth favor for Yugoloth potions
  • Agents of Argonnesson favor for Gianthold reward (Flawless Siberys Dragonshard or Portable Hole)
  • Cannith favor for crafting items
  • Silver Flame favor for SF potions and Blessing of the Silver Flame token
  • Purple Dragon Knights favor for upgrading Caught in the Web raid weapons
  • Total Favor tome reward from Nyx (+2 tome of choice) to convert into 9 Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments

☐ Run the first four quests of Korthos for cheap (5 TP exchange) Siberys Cake.

☐ Max out on inventory and bank slots (5 inventory slots, 3 bank slots, minimum): House Kundarak favor (150) for 2 more bank slots, Coin Lords favor (75/150) and a Portable Hole required to grant access to 4th and 5th inventory slots, respectively.

☐ Sell unnecessary items such as spell components. Destroy all Iconic gear, if any.

☐ Purchase expensive items while the character has a good haggle at cap such as Raise Dead and Resurrection scrolls.

☐ If close to next 100th favor point reward, run some quests for favor to reach next favor reward.

☐ Pick up any 20th raid rewards as well as any raid/quest completion.

☐ Swap to two weapons to grant 1 more inventory spot for maximum usage.

☐ If TR’ing on a Druid or Artificer life that has items in pet’s gear slots, remove them.

☐ Place hold consumables such as potions, scrolls, cookies, and more in the guild chests. If space is needed, toss out expendable items to repurchase in the next life.

☐ Pick up a free Ravenloft heroic / epic Morninglord weapon and a Sentient Jewel to feed per life.

☐ Remember to quit the client and reincarnate upon startup.


☐ Repair Sigil of the Dal-Quor if flagged/possible.

☐ If not on final life, and close to 5000 favor reward, go for it. If at XX50 or higher favor, go for the nearest 100th to pick up last bit of favor for DDO points.

☐ If wanting to test a feat, use the free feat exchange per life opportunity.

Review: Hirelings

Before hirelings (particularly divine healers) became back on the plat market for Reaper healing, I can recall using them as far as I can remember.

The number one misconception I always hear from players is that hirelings are a waste. They have buggy AI, which pretty much wraps up their mischief: from running blindly into traps, to healing themselves over the player, to countless more. But there is more to hirelings than just the first impression and generalization that all hirelings are “a waste.”

One of the biggest things that people don’t take the time to do is to buff their hirelings. Hirelings already start off with zero buff/effects (save for Druid past lives, feats/enhancements, and ship buffs), extremely minimal gear and spell list, and carry the programming limitations of AI. Buff, buff, buff, if you are looking for a hireling to carry more than 10% of the work. Greater Heroism, Blur, Protection from Evil, Resist Energies, any sort of speed buff (Longstrider’s, Haste), are all easily accessible in some form, typically by scrolls and wands. If you expect a hireling to do more than just flop around like a Magikarp, then expect to treat it like a player member — well, I take that back, the average player nowadays do not even buff other players. Basically, you need to put in at least some effort towards the hireling if you want any decent effort out of it. Strictly speaking, if you want it to survive and heal or CC something, those buffs will grant it the necessary means of basic protections against typical hireling deaths.

One of the other things I notice is that people tend to choose the “wrong” hirelings, and either have not played enough with hirelings to understand their behaviors or do not really think much of it. As an observant player, these behaviors are crucial in determining the types of hirelings to contract with. For example, Larafay, a highly well known and popular hireling for divine offensive caster “DPS/instakill,” is also highly aggressive and is not an appropriate hireling that is focused on healing first. Similarly, we see this between the healer hirelings – Heystack generally has poor performance overall compared to the level 16 Favored Soul, Althea, who performs much better and even carries a Greater Restoration spell which is very handy for that level range in particular.

The number one thing I look for when selecting a hireling is highly dependent on its available actions primarily, and then their behaviors. For instance, I will almost always prefer Althea over Natasha, despite that both are level 16 divines – Althea is typically good about casting Heal on her own when necessary, and I find that having a cure mass spell is much more useful than to Heal everyone individually at points of stagnation in a quest. Another reason for this is that Favored Souls are going to be the superior class when it comes to their other divine counterpart – because hirelings lack the other unique abilities the two classes are comprised of, it is much favorable to select the class that has the more SP, and ultimately, more firepower and heals per shrine. Both may have Death Ward, Mass, which I will touch on later, but there are distinct differences between choosing one over the other which can make a difference when it comes to questing for maximum performance potential. However, because they are in the same level range and it is often bothersome to go to hireling vendors after every hour, I often buy both anyway in the event that I will need Natasha (primarily for her Heal spell usage in circumstances where that is favorable over cure mass) over Althea.

Most of the times, when we purchase hireling contracts, we often select healer types because those are the ones we need the most. Granted, most of the hires that I purchase are indeed mostly divine types for heals, rogues for traps in epics, and Mikayl for DD. Here is an extensive list of the types of hirelings I will purchase over, with more solid commentary from levels 15-30:

  • Erythryn, level 3 Cleric
  • Kendra Estleton, level 5 Cleric
  • Arias Oreth, level 6 Cleric
  • Laerathor, level 7 Cleric
  • Marissa Lorle, level 9 Cleric
  • Fayden Maeleth, level 10 Cleric
  • Lani Vesta, level 9 Favored Soul
  • Miranda Kelvin, level 11 Cleric
  • Duerim Guardwell, level 13 Favored Soul
  • Mikayl the Pious, level 11 Fighter
  • Tempys Lorben, level 14 Cleric
  • Natasha Thorston, level 16 Cleric
  • Althea, level 16 Favored Soul
  • Larafay Do’rret, level 15 Favored Soul
  • Micardya Elsryn, level 14 Bard
  • Albus Gladwin, level 20 Favored Soul
  • Lilo Blackstitch, level 21 Rogue
  • Tarlov Snowtrack, level 23 Ranger
  • Grobbin Halfhitch, level 21 Wizard
  • Garret the Sainted, level 25 Favored Soul
  • Kieran Ostermann, level 26 Fighter

♦ Two of the hirelings are listed solely due to unique spells: Lani and Grobbin for Freedom of Movement and Trap the Soul spells respectively. These two are the only sources found in hirelings and in none other, and may serve to be highly useful in niche situations (often, FOM is best if another player summons Lani in addition to the main hireling, and Trap the Soul is used primarily for soul gem farming).
♦ Some of the hirelings are listed due to usefulness in combat: Tarlov, Kieran, and Larafay for instance. Tarlov is one of the best TWF DPS hirelings with some healing capabilities, Kieran has high HP and can take a hit, and Larafay, as mentioned before, is a divine casting killing machine.
♦ There are very similar behaviors in some of these hirelings, within the same class. Althea, Albus, and Garret are all within the “family” that exhibit decent healing behaviors – they also all carry the same main actions (Mass Deathward, Greater Restoration). Natasha is very similar to her elven brethren within the same level range (i.e. Isadora, Jatrina), which I did not post due to the fact that they don’t carry Deathward. And so on.
♦ Mikayl is highly important due to his Sentinel Dragonmark ability: Dimension Door, which can be casted x3 per rest, and last infinitely.
♦ Lilo is listed as the only Rogue hireling because strangely, she is the best trap equipped hireling out of the four in epics – she is able to trap low level EE quests with a much greater chance than the others who cannot even find the box, which is partly due to the fact that they do not have a Rogue Skill Boost action. With the proper buffs and external hireling effects, she is a competent trapper well past level 25 quests in EE.

If you have not already noticed, Mass Deathward is a huge must in divine hirelings. Because I am one of those people who don’t like to fit in Deathblock as a constant in her gear setup (rather, prefer to swap in when necessary), I recognize the vast important Deathward has, beyond the fact that it can also be a preventative measure for many other things that Deathblock cannot protect against. Thus, it is something I always make sure to carry with me, and something that I encourage others to do as well because I always notice the same mistakes that I’ve observed in both my and others’ game-play. The fact that it is a mass spell makes it so much easier to help protect party members too, who may not realize its importance either.

Knowing how to play a hireling is honestly, more than half the battle as well. If you want it to be stupid aggressive and give it free reign to go crazy, select the active stance. If you want it to stay back, and especially for healers, to perform healing duties, use the defensive stance. Always be conscientious of what the hireling is doing and if it is sabotaging a part of the quest, immediately hit the passive action, recall its location to your character, and force the hireling to go into stationary mode until it is safe to proceed. Perhaps this is just my impression but a lot of people seem to dislike micromanagement, so when it comes to hirelings they don’t really see what is happening beyond the scope of their own character. There is no paid attention to hirelings because of their perceived insignificance, and thus there is a lack of knowledge about them. Hirelings have a highly predictable behavior, generally speaking (because well, AI and programming) – it is our ignorance as players that chooses to blind ourselves of learning the inner compartments of such products of half AI, half bugs. Or at least part of it.

When we pay attention and take notice of hirelings, we learn that there are many predictable moves, primarily due to bugs and the patterns that occur from them, and ultimately, they can truly bend to our will. For instance, and hireling AI will always vary as updates may make changes but for now, there are sets of behaviors that any player can realize a specific pattern. When a divine healer type hireling is recalled to you and your HP falls below ~75%, the typical response is for the hireling to cast Heal upon the player. However, this is not the case all the time – the hireling’s response may be negated by an internal bug that negates Heal spell action to be executed, perhaps the recall action cleared that response, etc. But the active stance, using our basic knowledge of what the hireling actions do, is a sort of this “counter” against that – when you hit active from defensive, or defensive or passive back to active, this allows the hireling to properly respond. This is more of a bug and a fault on the programming system, as when cooldowns were introduced to hirelings, from the coding side, it could have offset the actual performance of some responses. On the bright side, while hot in mid-combat, it has become almost a tactical response to immediately use this loophole in order to get command the hireling, internally, despite it not having the Heal spell on the action bar, to do so. So in that regard, it becomes almost an advantageous bug because we have an internal “Heal” command in addition to everything else on the action bar.

Another bugged response is the use of spells, buffs, or any other class unique action. The cooldowns as mentioned before really screwed up the timing and effective response of most if not all of the class/hireling specific abilities. A prime example would be the use of Resurrection type spells – most of the time, when I have to use it in a dire situation where the party has wiped and the hire acts as “insurance policy,” I drag the hire to my location, preferably in a safe spot, immediately throw it into passive and stationary modes, and attempt to hit the Resurrection spell on my character. However, this will not work where it used to in the past (or as far as I recall) – instead, I am forced to select it at least out of stationary mode, and often into defensive because even passive mode will bug it out. This requires some speed and timing, and even luck if your wipe is bad enough depending on mob size, environment/location, and the above two factors. For abilities such as DD, there is often an internal cooldown in addition that will not allow the usage of that spell despite the cooldown timer reset.

Despite the usual rage and frustration by the general consensus of hirelings, I have almost faithfully used them at any chance I get. There is nothing to lose when you have a divine hireling to save you when things get a little pear-shaped, more XP from trap bonuses in a group where no one ever seems to be the trapper when I am not one that life, and speedy completions through both the actual assistance of hirelings, or a swift DD out. There is the factor of them raising dungeon scaling, which matters in wildernesses. They are indispensable and can be used as fodder, distractions, lever pullers, and so on. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks hirelings, overall, are wonderful products of half bugs, half AI, but they sure have saved my tush more than a thousand times in so many ways.


Personal Questing Agenda: Levels 15-30 (ITR Spec)

Figured I’d make a post about a leveling agenda to help me keep better track of my TRs and even share to friends or guildies if they need. 🙂

Note: This is personalized for Sera who has both Greater Tome of Heroic and Epic Learning, and is at least a third+ lifer meaning the XP curve will be different if you are a first or second lifer. Farming amount and quest brackets may differ for others. This agenda includes Bravery Bonus and maximum feasible favor. The goal is to never take a level until hardcap (or at least close to it) is reached around level 20. Assume all quests are on maximum difficulty unless stated otherwise. This agenda is technically flexible and subject to change because of updates. Specific sub-notes in sub-bullet points.

DD – Dimension Door spell/ability
E/H/N – Elite/Hard/Normal difficulties

These “levels” refer to the BB applied level of the quest, not base quest level.

Level 13

  • Tomb of the Tormented
  • Offering of Blood

Level 14

  • Lordsmarch chain (Diplomatic Impunity, Framework, & Eyes of Stone)
    • Diplomatic Impunity – invis run to the end and complete guard optional along with traps if possible.
    • Framework – Farm E x5, H/N x1 if trapping bonus is available || If not, E x3, H x1-2, N x1-2.
  • Sands of Menechtarun (Chamber of Raiyum, Chains of Flame, Against the Demon Queen, & Zawabi’s Revenge)

Level 15

  • Gianthold sides (Clockwise: Feast or Famine, Trial by Fire, Maze of Madness, Foundation of Discord, & Cry for Help).
  • Attack on Stormreach chain (Assault on Summerfield, Blockade Buster, Undermine, Siegebreaker)
    • Assault on Summerfield – either quick speed run for completion OR (preferable) gain all or most optionals/bonuses (Ransack/Tamper/Vigilant).
    • Blockade Buster – Farm E x5, H/N x1 || use DD
  • Mired in Kobolds (E x1)
  • Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener (E x1)

Level 16

  • Gianthold (Cabal for One, Crucible, Madstone Crater, & Prison of the Planes).
  • Necropolis IV (Counter Clockwise: Desecrated Temple of Vol, Inferno of the Damned, Fleshmaker’s Laboratory, & Ghosts of Perdition).
    • Desecrated Temple of Vol – Farm E x5, H/N x1
    • Inferno of the Damned – Farm E x5, H/N x1; will not likely need all of these farming runs, in fact, Temple of Vol should cover it. However, in the event something occurs and you do not get hardcap, Inferno is a good farm since you know it.
  • Reaver’s Fate [Raid]
  • Optional: If more XP is needed, Devil’s Gambit chain (farming Subversion E x5, H/N x1).

Level 17

  • Litany of the Dead – Farm E x5, H/N x1 || Alternative: E x1, H x5, N x1
  • Shadow over Wheloon Chain (Disciples of Shar, Escape Plan, Shadow of a Doubt)
    • Shadow of a Doubt – Farm (E/H/N x1 if necessary)
  • Optional Quests: Acid Wit, Delirium, & Search and Rescue

Level 18-20
Do not take level 19 – from 18+, bank all the way to 20.

  • [16] Vale of Twilight (Rainbow in the Dark, Let Sleeping Dust Lie, Running with the Devils, Coalescence Chamber, & Ritual Sacrifice)
    • Running with the Devils – Farm E x5, H/N x1 (if necessary)
  • [16] Optional Quest: Mask of Deception (E x1)
  • [17] Reaver’s Reach (Monastery of the Scorpion & Enter the Kobold)
    • Monastery of the Scorpion – Farm E x5, H/N x1 || Alternative: E x1, H x5, N x1
  • [17] Sane Asylum – Farm E x5, H/N x1 || Alternative: E x1, H x5, N x1

For purposes of speed levelling, skip all of the heroic 19-21 quests in that bracket and start immediately with Lords of Dust chain for access to Eveningstar (disregarding Hall of Heroes teleport function).

Epic Level Bracket:

  • [20-25] Web of Chaos chain (Lords of Dust, Servants of the Overlord, Spinner of Shadows, & Beyond the Rift)
  • [20-25] King’s Forest chain (Impossible Demands, Unquiet Graves, The Lost Thread, & A Battle for Eveningstar)
  • [20-25, 20-26] Vault of Night chain (Tharashk Arena, The Prisoner of the Mind, Jungle of Khyber, Haywire Foundry, & Vault of Night/Plane of Night [raids]
    • VON 3/4 – EE/EH/EN x1 at least, marked as dailies
    • VON 5 – EE/EH/EN x1 if possible
  • [20-25] Spies of the House
    • EE/EH/EN x1 at least, marked as a daily
  • [20-25] Chronoscope
  • [20-26] Sschindylryn chain (House of Death Undone, House of Rusted Blades, House of Broken Chains, & The Portal Opens)
    • Don’t Drink the Water & In the Belly of the Beast
  • [20-27] Demonweb chain (Trial by Fury, Deal and the Demon, & Reclaiming the Rift)
    • Trial by Fury – EE/EH/EN if necessary
  • [20-27] Druid’s Deep (Outbreak, Overgrowth, Thorn and Paw, & The Druid’s Curse)
  • [20-28] The High Road (Detour, Lost in the Swamp, A Stay at the Inn, Rest Stop, & End of the Road)
  • [20-30] Eveningstar Challenges (x2 Dryad’s Grove, Sunset Ritual, & Underdark Arena) – CR 30, 6 Stars
  • [20-30] Devil’s Gambit quests (Grim and Barett & Subversion)
    • EE/EH/EN if necessary for latter two difficulties, marked as dailies
  • [20-30] Wheloon chain (Friends in Low Places, A Lesson in Deception, Army of Shadow, Thrill of the Hunt, & Through a Mirror Darkly)
  • [20-30] Stormhorns chain (Tracker’s Trap, Lines of Supply, Breaking Ranks, A Break in the Ice, & What Goes Up)
  • [25-30] Legendary raids (Legendary Shroud, Legendary Tempest Spine, & Legendary Hound of Xoriat)
  • [20-30] Stand alone miscellaneous quests (Mask of Deception, A Study in Sable, & Brothers of the Forge

These are fill in quests/slayers across levels where more XP is needed and to cover any XP “holes” in reaching the next bracket on the list.

  • Slayers: Thunderholme and Necropolis
    • All messages in Thunderholme
    • Both flags from Thunderholme (in case any chance for the raids if an opportunity arises)
    • Roughly ~3K in each slayer count
  • Dailies
    • Check above for quests marked as daily/dailies (CTRL + F, “marked”)

And that’s my current ITR plan! Maybe once I get back to final life as a Human Favored Soul, I will detail a HTR plan, and when I get back to epics, an ETR plan maybe as I still have yet to achieve triple Epic Completionist! 🙂

General DDO & Gear Juggling Tips

As someone who’s been playing for 5 years and counting, I come across lots of people who tend to have gear holes or neglect important things for their character. I figured writing them all here in one place would help make things easier for both me and others!

This is primarily geared towards new and returning players, but have posted insight about certain stats based on my experience and observations.

First thing I want to point out, there isn’t the one dead set way in setting up your gear or playstyle, but there are lots of important things to consider to ensure you are at least covering the basics (and in this post, more than that!). Let’s take a look!

We are going to assume this gear set up is for characters in epics. Heroics follow the same general line of things, but to a much lesser and forgivable extent. With that said, I will be addressing epics as that requires a lot more effort in choosing and juggling appropriate gear.

Starting with the basics: primary things to look out for are saves, skills, HP/SP, Fortification, PRR/MRR for defensive measures. These may sound obvious, but some often neglect one if not more/all of these things. This is likely due to players not understanding the importance or mechanic behind these measures, so allow me to explain!

  • Saves – from low level epics to high level epics, you want to keep them at an all time high when possible. At 20, it may be tough to get them past 30’s or 40’s (given that you are not a multi-lifer). However, as the game adds more powercreep items at lower and lower levels, this helps balance out the power struggle (in regards to gear at least) for the less experienced players. If you don’t have good saves, you find yourself in a lot of annoying situations, such as being held, failing a save against a trap or heavy offensive dealing spells, and so much more. Never neglect saves!
  • Skills – these are more for versatility (and necessity depending on your build/character). Some of the more important versatile ones include Use Magic Device – if you want to be a helpful member of the party, carrying Raise Dead, Heal, Greater Restoration, and thousands of other scrolls (like Sera does, trust me – half of the TR cache retrieval is gear, the rest are consumables lol!). Sure it might take a hit on your inventory – but preparation is essential to a high performance.
  • HP – both HP/SP should not be ignored on any character, regardless of class (unless one has some alternate form of healing that does not involve SP – very rare case). The moment you hit level 20, you need to have at least 500 HP or more, 600+ if a veteran player. Just a personal  estimate of mine based on my experience! Anything below that amount already puts you at a huge disadvantage – there is just not enough PRR at that level to grant you any defensive flexibility. I can’t showcase the math since I’m not a numbers gal, but having more HP helps offset your amount of PRR if it isn’t the highest you can achieve (especially if restrained by class). With that said, ensure your CON is at a healthy score, always carry some kind of False Life enchantment on your gear somewhere, as well as other HP increasing enchantments such as Vitality or Insightful CON. Observation is also key here – if most players around your level are placed at a certain HP threshold, use that to your advantage in trying to improve your gear/character.
  • SP – as mentioned earlier, SP is primarily used for self heals on most characters. If you have decent HP and PRR but only 25 spell points, there is no point and you’ll be stuck relying on other (more expensive) expendable forms of healing, much to your inconvenience. Pump SP as much as you can without sacrificing too much of your defensive/offensive capabilities, and that will definitely improve your character’s playability. The # highly depends on the character’s tendency to damage intake, the amount of that intake, and the expense of the spell point usage, so even if you have 1,500 SP, it may not be enough if you have expensive SP costing resources or if you just happen to heal frequently. To counter this, make sure you are reaching out to other sources of SP enchantments/enhancements, such as Endless Faith from Exalted Angel or a Concordant Opposition item from heroic green steel.
  • Fortification – you absolutely need at least 100% fortification (since level 7-11+ and beyond actually). The moment you enter epics, depending on the quests you run right away (whether low level epics or legendary content – God forbid LE content unless you are just that uber!) you need to have at least that much, and more. Generally, I don’t have any problems with just the basic 100% + extra % from ship buffs (throw in 15% from Bladeforged Iconic Past Life) except when it comes to rogue enemies. But playstyle won’t be discussed here necessarily, so main point is, make sure you have that fortification!! Exceptional fortification sources are always welcome – again, no theoretical math here, but based on previous forum reads, there is a maximum threshold for fortification – meaning there is no point after a certain % (275% or so if I remember correctly) as it loses that guarantee of critical hit/sneak attack immunity. I can attest to this as Meredithium, my water elemental druid character with over 250% fortification, still gets sneak attacked/critical hits, particularly from rogues. Other form based characters such as Sorcerer savants and Wizard Pale Masters will also have the same experience. Typically these cases are in quests or raids at the 28+ level. In any case, it is ridiculous to outweigh the rest of the other considerations to achieve that high of a fortification, so the best weight for fortification in my opinion (at cap) would be 150% – 175%.
  • PRR/MRR – I don’t focus too much on MRR, but PRR is a biggie. Nowadays, you’ll need at least 100+ towards cap. This amount varies depending on the type of character you play (close combat vs. ranged/caster) but nonetheless, all characters should boost PRR to that amount and preferably, more. I think a good minimum for any character at cap would be 150+ but that is difficult to reach without past lives and farmed gear. In that case, 100-120+ should be a relatively easy threshold to reach. MRR tends to be less focused on my part, so I give a sort of shady estimate of around 50-75+ bracket for newbies, 80-100+ bracket for veterans (less MRR gear to note).

Always remember that these numbers aren’t static as the game is always developing, and that higher numbers are always achievable.

There are many more things to touch upon such as stats, specific gear recommendations, playstyle tips, DPS/offensive capabilities, and so on. After all, this game is multifaceted! But I don’t always have the time or energy to sit and type 5 pages worth of rambles! 🙂 So this will be it for part 1, sometimes I have these random bouts of things I should post about and it just comes out all at once like diarrhea.


PS: I may do a more specific analysis over gear layouts, advice in how I set up mine (both general and specific for certain classes), and recommendations over general items to have. To have the most satisfying playing experience and performance, preparation is everything!!

Embarking Yet Another New Journey

It’s that time again. DDO’s 10th Anniversary – and that means downtime.

I am sort of taken aback by how long DDO has been up and running. 10 years. I think I’ve been playing for almost 5 now – I can’t believe how much time has passed and to think that I’m still here now.

When it comes to the question of why I am still playing, I have a hard time coming up with an answer. First thing that comes to mind are friends, but playing for five years or so devotedly, I have seen many good friends come and go, maybe some come back, some don’t. So if not friends, game play? I cannot say that DDO has the best game play or design since I’ve never really played any other MMO. DDO isn’t also the most prettiest MMORPG either – of course, Japanese or Korean MMO’s take the cake on that one (I can imagine with the overly fluffy aesthetics and anime like feel). So why am I still here?

I guess the biggest thing that ties me to the game is a mix of many things, not just one: friends definitely have shaped me to be the kind of player I am now, and being OCD in always setting new goals for myself and achieving them has a never-dying sensation of satisfaction. Whether it be helping a friend or guildie achieve 5K favor, or pulling yet another Mysterious Bauble for a character, there is always something I try to pull a positive out of. The game population for my taste is almost perfect – many of the elitists who were here years ago are long gone, and small enough to where it’s pretty tight knit, but large enough for grouping (during prime time that is). I find it almost hilarious that the gold spammer report function isn’t even needed anymore in such a small MMO like DDO.

And it’s the one game that is the most captivating to me – I love being able to now not only demonstrate knowledge over quests I used to be so lost in, but also to help teach others who are in the same position I used to be in. Teaching, I feel, is very fun because of the fact that I had to learn so many things the hard way – so I teach in a way that I would have liked to learn things. Even now I am learning new things from everyone; there can never be such a thing as fully knowing everything. Opposed to the real life me, who avoids challenges as much as possible because I was once (and perhaps still) a very conscious, prideful, quiet, and reserved person, the in game me is entirely different – always seeking to learn new things, taking on challenges, social butterfly, and headstrong. That isn’t to say that the two don’t overlap between each “worlds,” but I find it interesting how split yet integrated my personality has become. It’s obvious that my shyness is revealed when I have to talk on mic though. 😀

Anyhoo, off topic! So that’s my 10th Anniversary spiel. I’m really proud of DDO that it lasted for a decade (last long enough until I get out of college to work with you guys! xD), and I hope the Anniversary event’s (even though I heard bits and pieces of it) reception will be good. Lately, a friend and I talked about how negative some people can get and while I may not always be happy go lucky Miss Positivity, there is only so much before I get irritated with constant negativity.

I titled this post about embarking a new journey, and so far I’ve been rambling about 10th Anniversary, which doesn’t really match up. I guess that’s what happens when I just log in and start typing haha – totally forgot about the 10th Anniversary even when I was logging in! (Aaaaannd just checked DDO client… worlds are up, better finish this post fast LOL!)

I’ve decided to start another TR project on Sera – this time a much longer, devoting project than the first. Originally, I only planned for caster past lives and Barbarian for the extra HP. I thought that this would be my last and final life, but after thinking deeply about what else Sera could benefit from, I think I will go for triple heroic completionist. It all started with me thinking she could use some heal amp, but she couldn’t fit it into her gear or enhancements really. It’s not essential, but I figured it would be nice –  I didn’t buy Bladeforged for no reason either, so I reasoned why not just do those lives. But knowing the OCD me, I cannot start something without finishing it all the way for maximum benefits – I started thinking about the other classes and what it would be like fitting in a Completionist feat for extra +2 stats. It was only a matter of time when I decided to start this and the triple epic completionist project – Sera only has maybe 7+ or so lives left for epic TR’s anyway. I say this now because I want to see if I really do stick to it – how long it will take, etc. Sera definitely has at least 2 more excruciating epic past lives next (last two Arcane Alacrity stacks) but after that… I think I will start it then. I also do have conflicting schedules such as my decision to craft Alchemical weapons, but we’ll see how that goes. All in all, I’m a bit surprised at myself for not just stopping now – it’s not that these lives would improve Sera way more than she is now, but even I can get bored a bit with Favored Soul. I want to see how she fares in other classes, and learn the ones (Artificer, Monk) the traditional way. In a sense, it goes back to me being able to help others with build advice – the updates to certain classes has lessened my current knowledge of mostly martial classes. From another point of view, it means I can finally destroy any useless TR gear – space is such an issue, ugh.

I kind of wonder if had I started years back if I would be done by now. My only hesitations are if the Favored Soul class gets an update while I’m still in that TR project zone and if DDO shuts down before then. Yeah, that’s a fear in the back of my mind as I play. 😦 Only a matter of time before Turbine pulls the plug, I feel. I desperately hope not.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Maybe I might change or edit my decisions in the future when I do TR or the moment right before. I’ll sorely miss being able to run with my epic buddies all the time, but knowing the quiet and reserved side of me, I could use some solitude. Or from the other perspective, get to meet new people! 🙂