A Womban

A womban is someone who gives birth to the future generations: a vessel of life, her womb stretches and contracts like a silk cocoon.

Her value determined by the House – cooking in it, cleaning it, caring for it, birthing it.

She is borne to scrutiny of other womben. Man may dictate and oppress, but nothing survives under the familiar eyes who watch her. She must hold hands with the same whimmen who pierce her palms with an embedded needle, clasping ever so tightly.

The womban, already assigned a worth from the moment she is born, until she rends her abdomen, is no longer useful.

When other womben complain of wombaches, when their House wriggles and prepares for the next guest, another womban is ransacked, stripped of her clothes, her belongings, left on the streets to rot, and many womben pass her by.

They scorn her, with those familiar eyes.

So she knocks on her House. She politely excuses herself for her disturbance. She hesitates knocking twice. But there is no fear when she tells it through the broken glass:

“We’ve been through a lot, but you can’t live here anymore. When I lose you, I’ll lose a part of myself. I’ll lose a part of my identity. I’ll lose the respect of other womben in this world. But if I lose the rest of myself, then my worth means nothing. Take it, and I will find my own.”

And so she leaves, her House barren, her worth the lowest of the low, but she does not look back.

Alternate Build Choices?

So, in an alternate universe where I can duplicate a Sera copy, what build choices would I make different?

It’s hard for me to make the obvious optimal choice because of flavor/specific preferences. And I mean, these choices are quite significant, in that they can “easily” be exchanged for their optimal option. To list them off, Sera has:

  • Lawful Good alignment
  • Scion of Fire (arguable)
  • Silver Flame Faith
  • Mental Toughness line

In a perfect duplicate of Sera’s character, I would probably exchange alignments to be Lawful Neutral to compromise, or optimally, True Neutral if I just let everything go. Scion of Fire would be a tough choice, but I could go Scion of Air just as easily for more of a DC based caster. Of course, Olladra faith would be ideal compared to Silver Flame faith in so many ways: Articles of Faith implement bonus, Displacement capstone, and the signature ability to grant a 1d6 Luck bonus to all abilities scores. Surely that is better than a bugged banishment ability…

I still have not yet decided whether or not I want to TR Sera one more time. Should I let go of these clearly weaker flavor preferences? Will TRing be worth the hassle at all? I still have a lot to decide, but I think either way I will be fine. I can either try something new (which has its own high costs) or keep things. If I don’t like the changes, I suppose I can always revert them. In that sense, that would require 2 TR’s, which is something I’m not sure I’m too keen about, but that would give me +1 Wisdom at least since Sera is Human. It is too bad I likely will not remain WIS specced – but who knows. Part of the process includes whether or not I want to change that, and ultimately I may not. We will just have to see, and I will have to prepare for potential 1, 2, 3 or even more TR’s!

And ultimately, I’m both excited and stressed for this patch. Kind of says a lot about my growing outlook of this game, and I should also keep that in mind. A lot of things have been stirring, I feel.

A New Self Foreshadows

Just like that, I will have to face a new change that I honestly am both excited and concerned about.

As much as I’m stoked for the long awaited Favored Soul pass (albeit slightly miffed that Clerics are getting a buff too), it is hard trying to accommodate the changes. The biggest changes in regards to the build include, and are not limited to the potential following changes:

  1. Reversing build stat primary spec, from WIS to CHA
  2. Changing deities from Silver Flame to Olladra
  3. Experimenting with feat tetris to update twists
  4. Updating Heroic/ED enhancements

I become nostalgic thinking about going from WIS spec all this time to suddenly a CHA spec. While I’m not too entirely opposed to the idea, it is hard to accept even such a “mainstream” stat that is prevalent and useful in a lot of builds. My stubbornness has officially reached a new level.

A lot of these are still things I am thinking about. Mostly, I need to play the new updated changes in the build itself to see how performance pans out. And while I cannot truly write about a lot of the changes publicly, I am definitely curious as to how much this will improve the statistical numbers. I’m thrilled to see a potential higher SP count, although I feel that the curve will only rise linearly as with comparison to all others, of course. Beyond just the pass that affects everyone, it is almost inspiring enough to embark on yet another TR project… OK, no.

Perhaps this journey to being the best is something that is in vain. It’s fun, but after realizing the weight of the major previous project, I realized that was a year of me missing out what I truly enjoy about this game. And I only hope that this change to Favored Souls is something that makes it more fun, rather than just focusing on the numbers. Even though that is literally all what the pass is about, strengthening Favored Souls as a core class. Who knows, maybe it might throw my build off completely. Although there are indeed a lot of good things.

I hope after the pass I can at least, and at last, say that it was worth it. That Favored Souls, after over tens of updates, finally has a proper enhancement pass in addition to a third tree. While I personally do not think I would need a power boost, Favored Souls as a collective whole can certainly use it more. Of course, I am sure this is what all the Paladins, Monks, Barbarians, Bards, and more have been saying prior to their passes.

I’m not too scared that I won’t like the new build/changes, rather something I am just thinking about deeply about how to solve. I like the mental challenge, but I can only hope as of now that all turns out according to my calculations. *pushes up nonexistent nerd glasses*

But what can I say, I don’t like sudden change. And maybe this is just another push towards another venture that I may enjoy.

So this is my last chance to say good-bye to the wise Seraphemia that she has always been. She’ll still be WIS secondary, but now she will have to fit the lore of a charismatic character. I still can’t shake that sad feeling away, as I always found Wisdom, in essence, to be of greater beauty than Charisma. We shall see.

To the beautifully wise Seraphemia, devoted and favored follower of the Silver Flame: Until the End of the World.

New Character Concept

Uwagh, so lately I have been debating on creating my very first male character. The whole idea behind it is that he is to be Sera’s love interest, since I’ve always wanted to come up with some kind of backstory and lore behind my toons, even to the point of having a love interest. But there are so many things to consider – am I even comfortable playing a male character at all? I don’t have really have anything against guys playing female characters (except some cynicism, but its all just a matter of different perspective) but I’ve always found it just awkward for me to play any toon that isn’t female. This whole gender bias has been there since I first started playing games that involved anything with gender – so even in Pokemon games, I would reroll my starter Pokemon until I got a female. It’s not that I thought one was superior to the other – in a sense, even then I was projecting myself into  the game in some way. In many MMORPG’s especially, this is the case because well, role-playing. It is funny, when I first understood the term role-playing I never applied it to myself. But in reality, I was a very heavy role player since I was young along with my younger sister especially. I think coming from us as an artistic family this makes a lot of sense.

You know, come to think of it, it’s astonishing that female Pokemons are less likely than a male one. The % ratio is literally like 12.5% vs. 88.5% or something like that. But that’s besides the point. 🙂

However, the reason for this male character is not so that I can mildly role play as a guy like with the role play (very mild, I’m talking to almost indistinguishable levels, haha!) I do with my other alts, but rather to build a character just so that in my mind/conscience, I can establish the character in the story. It is a difficult concept to explain! But I think something as novel and interesting as this will be fun.

One thing that bothers me a lot is that there will only be 1 male toon versus 9 other female toons. I don’t know why, but harems tend to bother me. Maybe it is because of the gender roles and the culture of our society today that just leads me to this uncomfortable feeling. Or that this is just numerically unbalanced. Whatever the case is, I may end up creating 2 male toons, heck maybe just 10 more male toons! Ack, but then I don’t like having that many… This is a confuzzling topic.

Let’s say I do make the male character. I already know that the name will be Reinegard Aran. The name doesn’t necessarily have a meaning, but was to have an elegant quality – “gard” usually means some kind of defender, in this case, defender of a certain celestial. 🙂 Aran just sounds cool to me! (Plus, I had just finished watching the K-drama “Arang and the Magistrate”).

I guess before I can make any decisions (after the first one of whether I should make this character at all in the first place) I should look at exactly what kind of character is he. I keep going back and forth between a dark character versus an upright, lawful character. The character could either be a half dragon vampire which is an interesting combo I think, or a powerful fighter. The color of the dragon heritage is also something I keep going back and forth about – black? Or gold? Colors have their meaning, elements, and alignments. Sigh, this is tougher than I thought.

Well, at the very very least, I know what he looks like for sure. I found this image just by searching half dragons when I was doing some research as to possible races (part of why I’m very set on a half dragon/half elf (meaning part elf, not to be confused with the Half-Elf) race – although there is no such thing as this in game so I’m stuck with Elf).


Look at dat bootiful face.

The more I look at it, the more it could go either way. He could be this powerful half (gold) dragon paladin warrior. But when I think of an elven Paladin in game, they just are so… scrawny. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just not the image I’m looking for. Because then, a lean, dual wielding Ranger would be a better fit. But looking at the image once more, he doesn’t necessarily look like a lean, muscular person. He could still have that powerful image, but in a more subtle appearance – like a vampire. Now for the other personality, he could be like this dark, cold, black half dragon vampire knight (likely dual wielding again). But the the thing I’m so torn over the two is a matter of good and evil – Sera is definitely supposed to be this beacon of light, and while there are plenty of love stories out there where one character is like this embodiment of evil falling in love with the good side… I don’t know! xD It’s just kind of hard to think about it that way because I’m always rooting for the good side.

Then again, I shouldn’t judge based on appearance. 😛 Reinegard may have evil needs as a vampire, but perhaps somewhere in the story love changes him to become a greater person in protecting the one he loves. ❤

All this talk about romance and stuff makes me feel so awkward. Maybe because I’ve never really formally written any kind of fiction. I sometimes think about writing some DDO fiction as blog posts, but I think that is a bit much ehehe. For now, it’s good enough to just outline the story line by establishing the characters and basic setting. 🙂

Back to a more of a rather, gaming perspective. I am kind of leaning more towards a vampire theme, so I have done some planning already as to how the build would look like. Something like 11 Wizard/5 Ranger/4 Fighter would be ideal, with enough Wizard levels for basic, important spells and vampire form. Since he is TWF, 5 Ranger for the tier 5 enhancements. 4 Fighter grants me some more feats, and some tankiness with Stalwart Defense stance. I am likely going to make use of the racial tree taking Arcane Fluidity and making sure there is no ASF with a heavy armor build. Stat wise, I think he would be either STR or INT based, likely the latter even if STR is easier to raise. Simply because of Spellcraft to boost elemental damage from enhancements, some spell viability, and most importantly, to make use of Harper enhancements. Speaking of all this, I kind of worry if there will be enough AP for this all…

There are definitely some constants from this whole concept at least. Those are:

  1. Male Elf (true race would be a half dragon/half elf)
  2. Must be a warrior/combat toon of some sort – cannot be a caster (complete opposite of Sera)
  3. Two Weapon Fighting

… I can only think of those. Welp. There are those at least to surround the build around.

I will have to look into cosmetics and stuff into building the kind of character I want this one to be specifically. See, with the new golden armor and helm I could have easily done some sort of Paladin warrior theme. But as a vampire, I will have to find some kind of evil robe or something. Actually, I don’t want it to be just pure cloth – some kind of cloth with armor parts. That will be a challenge to find.

Outlining my thoughts here will hopefully help me finally decide sometime and organize my ideas. I wonder how bad this will look when I read back on it later.