Another DDO Update: 49th RXP Mark, Lvl 6 Druid, & More

It’s kind of amazing how I’ve been sticking to my alts these past couple of weeks! So much that I almost feel like I’m losing touch on Sera here and there. I’m not as devoted or motivated to go run Reaper dailies, even though today I just got my 49th point. OCD tells me I need to get 50th, but it’s no big deal. Almost 100k per level is exhausting to me without drinking pots or first time bonus.

As much as I would like to just TR and get those first time bonuses too, it’s a bit much. Whereas I might be making only 2-3k rxp per quest, I’d probably spend longer in heroics and epics getting up there. Really don’t want to put in that much effort either, probably.

Anyhow, I think it was maybe a few days ago? A week ago? That I finally got to TR my Druid. It’s been… years for all three of my alts. Except I forgot that I only had maybe like 1 or 2 more raids to go for 20th completion, one of which was Deathwyrm and maybe FOTP. I needed the mask too for Milo’s cosmetic as a helf, ugh.

In any case, it’s progress. I finally got around to Niveax’s TR, which has been interesting so far. 6 levels in, supposed to be a ranged AA character, but I’m playing her as a wolf build with a Vorpal longsword until I get more points into AA and better gear, I guess. If there’s one thing about Druids I really do enjoy though, it’s that they are so adorable. I had so much fun emote chatting with a guildie, pretending to be this “slightly neurotic” dog as he called it. XD

From here on, I guess once Milo and Niv reach cap, I can then focus on just gearing them up. Ugh. That already sounds like a pain. But… then what? Just focus on Sera’s rxp grind? I still have a little over halfway to go for 5.625 million, basically 3 million more to go still. That… is an insane amount of rxp grinding. I suppose I won’t break that until maybe a whole year later, when we already have some folks with the wings. I just gotta keep at the grind. I wonder if we will start seeing them more as time passes on, it’s been way more than a year since Reaper released, surely there ought to be more Reaper wing sightings? I might only hear of a few that are around. But then again, once you’re sucked into your Reaper static groups, it’s hard to find those same players around in any mundane setting. 😀

One thing’s for sure, Ravenloft has helped tremendously in bridging the gear gap. I do somewhat think its a bit cheap, but for alts its also not a bad thing totally. Sylvette feels much more viable, and I suppose it’s also because I have a better direction with the builds now. Sadly, Reaper has sort of made that easy for me; no more creative or flavor heavy builds, it’s time to work.

A New Self Foreshadows

Just like that, I will have to face a new change that I honestly am both excited and concerned about.

As much as I’m stoked for the long awaited Favored Soul pass (albeit slightly miffed that Clerics are getting a buff too), it is hard trying to accommodate the changes. The biggest changes in regards to the build include, and are not limited to the potential following changes:

  1. Reversing build stat primary spec, from WIS to CHA
  2. Changing deities from Silver Flame to Olladra
  3. Experimenting with feat tetris to update twists
  4. Updating Heroic/ED enhancements

I become nostalgic thinking about going from WIS spec all this time to suddenly a CHA spec. While I’m not too entirely opposed to the idea, it is hard to accept even such a “mainstream” stat that is prevalent and useful in a lot of builds. My stubbornness has officially reached a new level.

A lot of these are still things I am thinking about. Mostly, I need to play the new updated changes in the build itself to see how performance pans out. And while I cannot truly write about a lot of the changes publicly, I am definitely curious as to how much this will improve the statistical numbers. I’m thrilled to see a potential higher SP count, although I feel that the curve will only rise linearly as with comparison to all others, of course. Beyond just the pass that affects everyone, it is almost inspiring enough to embark on yet another TR project… OK, no.

Perhaps this journey to being the best is something that is in vain. It’s fun, but after realizing the weight of the major previous project, I realized that was a year of me missing out what I truly enjoy about this game. And I only hope that this change to Favored Souls is something that makes it more fun, rather than just focusing on the numbers. Even though that is literally all what the pass is about, strengthening Favored Souls as a core class. Who knows, maybe it might throw my build off completely. Although there are indeed a lot of good things.

I hope after the pass I can at least, and at last, say that it was worth it. That Favored Souls, after over tens of updates, finally has a proper enhancement pass in addition to a third tree. While I personally do not think I would need a power boost, Favored Souls as a collective whole can certainly use it more. Of course, I am sure this is what all the Paladins, Monks, Barbarians, Bards, and more have been saying prior to their passes.

I’m not too scared that I won’t like the new build/changes, rather something I am just thinking about deeply about how to solve. I like the mental challenge, but I can only hope as of now that all turns out according to my calculations. *pushes up nonexistent nerd glasses*

But what can I say, I don’t like sudden change. And maybe this is just another push towards another venture that I may enjoy.

So this is my last chance to say good-bye to the wise Seraphemia that she has always been. She’ll still be WIS secondary, but now she will have to fit the lore of a charismatic character. I still can’t shake that sad feeling away, as I always found Wisdom, in essence, to be of greater beauty than Charisma. We shall see.

To the beautifully wise Seraphemia, devoted and favored follower of the Silver Flame: Until the End of the World.

TR Project Status: Complete

So, this is kind of weird. I finished the TR project like, nearly 11 days ago. Oops.

But I finally have the time to detail how I’ve been feeling. Yay!

I started the TR project more than a year ago. When I first left my happy but determined Favored Soul life, I was strongly motivated to have it done in months. Which soon stretched to even more months. Past a year. And finally now.

Over the course of this project, I really wanted to make a special post and celebrate the day of, no, the second I became a triple Heroic/Epic/Iconic completionist. But I lulled in doing so, I continued to march towards cap, and here I am now. To be honest I don’t know exactly how I’ve been feeling, considering my doubts and fears about reaching the final life. In truth, its actually kind of… scary. When change becomes the new norm, not changing at all becomes something I would have never imagined. However, I’ve learned and experienced so much more in gain.

I was able to learn each class and appreciate their needs, play styles, and builds. I learned that I really loved playing an Assassin Rogue, and that I could build FVSesque casters out of a non-traditional caster like Bard. I’m really conscious about the toon appearance, so I always played Sun Elves. I adored Deep Gnomes for their size and bounces (jumping), and loathed PDK for their “bounces” (size). I met so many new people throughout the TR trains, and new guildies over time. I buddied with friends as TR partners or groups, then would disband and freely do my thing for a few lives, band together with another friend, and roam free yet again. I compromised min-max’ing XP/min to the rate of enjoyment. I was reminded of the scars that were reopened when I tried Heroic TR’ing; and with that, came the ultimate doubt. The fear of being in this lukewarm trap, where I would never be home in Epics nor Heroics ever again. That after a whole year, whether or not I would love Favored Soul the way I once did.

Well there are two things right now that I have come to realize for sure. One, that I do still love Favored Soul and remember how to play one again. And Two, that I have this crumbling feeling about the build.

Because the build hasn’t been updated in more than a year, I can understand that it is just bound to not be the same as it once was. But after running R1 Slave Lords today in part 1, I just felt crushed. It didn’t help that running in MJ’s R4 Temple of Vol also shattered a part of my FVS pride. One thing I know is that the last thing I want Sera to be is to be a mediocre caster that was forced into mediocre healing.

So I have so many running doubts in the back of my mind lately, and another includes Sera’s SP pool. Perhaps swapping Arcane Prodigy for Completionist really threw me off the bubble, and it shouldn’t surprise me, but it’s certainly not the same anymore. She can barely break 6K, which I don’t remember her “barely” having, although she is running a wisdom build. I strongly doubt she will be able to break 8K, but another part of me is also determined. Whatever it takes, I will have to find a way to fulfill the goals and plans that are still yet to be fulfilled. Even after her TR project, there is still so much more work to do. And deep down, I come to the dreaded resolution, the fact that even though I say to let me finish this project, or this thing, that goal, etc. – that I will never actually tend to the real things that do matter.

Aside from that, this project has given me both so many good and bad things, both of which I embrace and have come to accept deep down. It doesn’t really feel like such an accomplishment, just a title, as many players have done this before, without “cheating” (i.e. Otto boxes, etc.), but as I’ve mentioned before in the past prior to beginning it – as long as I’m having fun and gaining or learning something out of it, it is all right. 🙂

After that celebratory day (well, I celebrated alone in my mind :P), I began to think of so many stories or background for Sera. I changed her surname (finally!), so that her full name reads: Seraphemia Sweetsilk Celestiara. Why the unnecessary long name? Beats me.

But really, as much as the last name Sweetfrost is special to her, I wanted to change it because… to be honest, I didn’t really like it anymore. It became something that was just almost, I guess, pathetic with no real meaning. But I knew that from the start of the project I wanted to change her last name as a part of her story – that she would come to the pinnacle point of her life where she becomes realized of her true identity as an Aasimar celestial princess. And perhaps a goddess, I don’t know, I still haven’t made up her story haha! 😛 Again, I’m the worst writer, I just can’t make up my dang mind! At this point all the stories’ events are dreams. Psyche!

To break it apart, Celestiara was finally decided on as her proper surname because I wanted to associate Sera with Celestia, the astral plane of perfection and pure goodness. Essentially, heaven, her celestial home/world. At first I had just wanted to do Celestia, but then I didn’t want to just rip off a name from a weapon or a MLP character. By the way, I did look into that and finally browsed around the MLP fandom wiki. Interesting stuff and show, and I finally read up more about where the Celestia, Brightest Star of Day weapon reference comes from, but perhaps I’ll watch the show someday. I’m only really interested in Celestia appearances just because of this, haha!

Sweetsilk was just something that I came up with because A) I needed a four letter word that was cute after “Sweet,” and B) coincidentally, it could be a code name for velvet. Because you know, there’s nothing more that sums up me than velvet. 😛

But I had the hardest time deciding this. I wanted to do Sweetstar Celestiara, but then it would sound too repetitive. However this would have so much more meaning to me because in the Warrior Cat series, the nomenclature there would fit perfectly here (upgrading the second part of the combined name to “star” signifies the leadership position of a clan). I’m still deciding to be honest even now and may change it to that someday or sometime, but I don’t know.

In the end, the 2016 Triple-Triple Completionist Project finally came to a close. A few people noticed the name change, others congratulated, one rejoiced in my return as a FVS, and it was an interesting experience. I kind of almost feel that a lot of people expect a lot out of me now, but honestly I think I just need to learn how to balance. No more binge hosting raid nights to the point of exhaustion, but no exclusive seclusion. It almost feels like I don’t really belong anywhere now for some reason. But in my determination, I am motivated to change that, where I can work hard, this time to polish my character in the end game scene. I have a lot to brush up on in terms of playing skills, and many items to grind for. All in all… to those who seek advice in whether or not they should embark on such a project… don’t.


Just kidding, in all seriousness, do whatever your heart sets out to do, and make sure the task gets completed. I promise, there is no greater feeling, especially for the mind of the OCD, than that.

Seraphemia’s Lineage

So I was thinking about this during class and just couldn’t pin down one exact lineage for Sera, as weird as that sounds. This will be my brainstorm/finalization platform!

Originally, I didn’t go too far into detail about her lineage, other than that she was 1/4th Aasimar (mother being an Aasimar herself while the father was pure Human). But now, as I come up with her appearance (since bloodline is so important to the final look in determining what traits she will have), I thought maybe I should settle this once and for all! 😀

She definitely needs to carry some kind of primary celestial archon + human blood in her veins, but I was thinking of having a small percentage of inheritance from certain races like ghaele or solar celestial, high elf (eladrin) or fey, and avoral celestial. So why these in particular?

  • Brilliant topaz/gold/amber/caramel eyes (solar)
  • Petite, fairy like figure/height (high elf, fey)
  • Feathers in her hair or as eyelashes, covering shoulder tops (avoral celestial*)

*This trait could be inherent in some Aasimars, but the feathers in the hair particularly was something I was thinking of.

These are just simple, singular qualities that I could just tack on the whole Aasimar spiel, but I felt like it would be kind of cool to map out a more intricate bloodline. While she would be regarded mostly as an Aasimar/Human, this would play more into the whole idea of loss of identity and thus the search for it. I also like the idea of a blended bloodline than just a one singular, pure race, making her ethnically ambiguous which plays into the idea of “universal beauty” or something like that.

I realized I tend to make all the females in her lineage as the celestial blooded as opposed to the father, which might be more of a bias on my part. Not sure if I want to keep it that way as it doesn’t really matter which side gets the celestial blood, but maybe would be cool, even mystical, for trivia bit – similar to how all females in my family are born in January (winter babies, yeah!!).

I even wrote up a spreadsheet detailing the lineage. Here is the chart detailing the basic lineage tree. I may go back and make further changes (this is why I can never be a writer – I change my mind way too much and its hard to fit it into the story once its already written LOL). While I wanted to do the math and calculate the exact percentages of celestial/other blood types, well, math is math. 😛