Sylvette Morningflower

Name Inspiration

Sylvette Morningflower is the antithesis of her incarnation, Rimma Darkflower, who was rerolled at level 19. Her surname also follows the Warriors nomenclature format found in the other characters’ surnames.

Character First Name Pronunciation



  • Syl
  • Little Red Sylvette

Character Lore Trivia & Background

  • Rimma, the previous incarnate, committed suicide for her inability to touch life without destroying it and her desire to be able to do so with even just the concept of life. Her soul was not exactly purely reincarnated – rather, her soul was reshaped by the Lifeshaper into a being that would allow her to breathe life. Because of this, her name Sylvette Morningflower is the very image of life: even her appearance – the fiery red hair, bright emerald eyes, and the power of the sun’s destruction in her hands – was entirely reshaped. Still, Sylvette’s unconsciousness still retains the soul of Rimma, who will always harbor an inner anger.
  • Rimma uses a Sun Blade against herself under the skies of Menectarun, in hopes to completely eradicate her ashes under the sun. Her life crystal/soul stone, a (near literal) crystallization of her unfulfilled desires, was found by her sister Milokaross at the bottom of the only oasis there, who then pleaded with the Lifeshaper to rebirth her out of the family’s grief.
  • Sylvette is a pure Human character (which stays true to her in game race). Her incarnate however, Rimma, was a Drow Elf.
  • The parents of Rimma were Lawful Neutral renowned Pale Masters who instilled the values of complete death and destruction in order to maintain the reputation of high Drow society. After Rimma’s death, Sylvette was born to Lawful Good Paladin parents, who taught and instructed her, with just as much rigor, the antithetical values of her past life.
  • Because of the time between Rimma’s death at near maturation of a Drow Elf and the maturation of Sylvette as a Human, Sylvette is the “youngest” of the four sisters; but in actual age, she was born before Meredithium when counting Rimma’s life (in lore).
  • She is a devout follower of the Unyielding Sovereignty, influenced by her parents at a young age, but a believer by her own spiritual conviction later in life. Her faith has been her triggering point in literally saving her life, as she may enter a bloodthirsty rage as a sign of the severity of her inner frustration of her past and current lives.
  • Personality traits: sporadic, energetic, jubilant, dangerous when provoked, and feisty at times.

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