Milokaross Silverdawn

Name Inspiration

Milokaross is a reference to the Pokemon, Milotic, which is known to be the most beautiful Pokemon of them all (and my favorite), “calming even the most feverish anger and feelings of hatred.”

Character First Name Pronunciation

Mee-rro-kka-rross or Mil-ah-kriss.
Double “rr’s” mean rolling of the “r” syllable.


  • Milo

Character Lore Trivia & Background

  • Out of all the characters, Milo relates to me as a person the most; there is no direction in either futures. Ultimately, in the end, she finds peace through her music (her passion). Milo as a character probably relates more to myself than Sera would, as realistically that comparison would never be possible.
    • Milokaross grew up soul-searching for many years; she was always second best, and never concrete on what she wanted to be. She had bottled up rage, but instead of total chaos, she found solace in music.
  • Milokaross was my first character ever created on DDO, as a Human Fighter.
  • Milokaross acts as both the mind and heart in the family dynamic.

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