♔ Meet the family! ♔

My characters, unlike most families, all have different last names not because they aren’t blood related, but because initially the last names were inspired by a book series called Warriors. To be accurate, the last names are clan name references to the cats in the Warriors nomenclature, so for general reference, they all fall under the title of the Moonglade family. The characters listed below are in the class as their final life.

Why Moonglade? My sister’s characters’ last name is Evergreen, and I wanted to have some kind of relation to her characters in surname. Thus, Moonglade was inspired, ‘moon’ being the opposite of my ‘sunny’ counterpart (‘ever’ reminded me of something that is ‘everlasting’ such as the sun) and ‘glade’ meaning open forest to parallel with ‘green’.

For more information and background history, click on each character’s name or click the page in the drop down menu of this page. (Some may be unfinished.)

❀ Seraphemia Sweetsilk Celestiara ❀

Favored Soul 20, Human, Female, Lawful Good

Formerly Sweetfrost by surname, Seraphemia is a soft-spoken Favored Soul, a Silver Flame follower who has an affinity for radiance and law. She is the head of the Moonglade family. Her favorite companions are Passion, the Pink Fire Elemental, Meringue, a Spotted Wolf Pup, and Sweetheart, a Winter Wolf Pup.

❀ Milokaross Silverdawn ❀

Cleric 20, Half Elf, Female, Neutral Good

Milokaross is a cheerful, energetic Bard who was the former head of the Moonglade family, until she passed reign to Seraphemia. Her favorite companions are Molasses, the Desert Tressym, and Nimbus, the Storm Horns Owlbear.

❀ Meredithium Snowstream ❀

Druid 20, Elf, Female, True Neutral

Meredithium, being a carefree Druid, is a nature lover and an ice master. She is in charge of the Companion Garden of the Moonglade Manor. Her loyal wolf pet, Hailstorm, accompanies her in her quests. Mere’s favorite companions include Purity, the Water Elemental, and Frosty, the Junior Frostrender.

❀ Sylvette Morningflower ❀

Rogue 20, Wood Elf, Female, Chaotic Neutral

Sylvette, an Assassin Rogue, serves the family on call as a mercenary. She has a split personality and enters a bloodthirsty craze sporadically. Her favorite companions include Peppermint, the Green Kobold Shaman, and Cinder, the Black-stripe Pseudodragon.

❀ Rinnybin Bourbonpetal ❀

Warlock 20, Half-Elf, Female, Neutral Good

Rinnybin takes after Milokaross’ cheerful and bright personality and loves to help out anywhere she can. Rinnybin is known to be the most warmhearted of the family, but also to get most in trouble with authorities for stealing, doing whatever it takes to help others. Her pact with the Fiend and demons marks her mutual relationship with them – a loving, free-spirited soul to everyone, the “hafu” girl destined to connect two families.

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