Celestial Radiance


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Build Summary

As a generalist Favored Soul build, Celestial Radiance (CR) aims to be a blended caster: evoker, necromancer, support, and (less specialized) nuker. While maintaining a sustainable DC of 108+ for Evocation and 100+ for other schools, with maximum achievable of up to ~115, Celestial Radiance also strives to have sufficient hit points (~2,200-3100+), spell points (~10K-10.2K+), and working spell damage. Because the character and build are always improving, these numbers are not static. The highlight of this build is that this is all done as a pure Favored Soul — CR was first developed post-MOTU release, when pure was not optimal and low hanging splashes were highly in trend. The flavor concept of a “pure angel” is one of the main inspirations; in addition, in terms of actual build, the limited inherent spell slots, maximum potential caster levels, capstone enhancement, and other small but neat benefits such as the best class in terms of saves progression all make solid justifications for going pure. One of the struggles of this build is that in high Legendary and some Reaper content, Spell Penetration and DC becomes problematic, potentially resorting to the alternative, non-optimal role of nuking. In Reaper mode, particularly R5+, defensive measures (heals, damage intake) become challenging. Defense in such higher settings forces a twitch play-style, excessive jumping or maneuvers, and cautious game-play. In mostly rare but expected instances does the character become a true healer and focus primarily on that supportive role. Many of the restrictions, such as lack of utility feats (heavy armor and tower shield proficiency), race, religion, and alignment, are bound by flavor and personal preferences. This build is targeted towards experienced players, but some useful information has been included for starters, particularly in the Build Discussion section at the bottom of the page.

Page is a continous work in progress.
Alert: Build page has been updated.

Disclaimer: the build varies by the play style and expertise level of each and every player; Reaper power creep also inevitably strengthens the build when put to the R10 test. This means that if you do not have the same, close to, or more points than the build keeps track of (currently 75 or more), results may vary drastically, or descriptions may not be accurate in terms of comparisons.

“The way to seek Light is to start from your shadow.”

🙤 Seraphemia Sweetsilk Celestiara 🙦


(Formerly Seraphemia Sweetfrost)
Level 20 Favored Soul, 10 Epic
36 Point Build (Legend)
True Neutral


🙤 Reincarnation History 🙦


Heroic Past Lives {Triple Heroic Completionist}:
Favored Soul (3)
Cleric (3)
Wizard (3)
Sorcerer (3)
Barbarian (3)
Monk (3)
Paladin (3)
Warlock (3)
Druid (3)
Rogue (3)
Artificer (3)
Bard (3)
Fighter (3)
Ranger (3)
Alchemist (3)

Iconic Past Lives {Triple Iconic Completionist}:
Morninglord (11)
Purple Dragon Knight (4)
Bladeforged (3)
Deep Gnome (3)
Shadar-Kai (7)
Aasimar Scourge (3)
Tiefling Scoundrel (3)

Epic Past Lives {Triple Epic Completionist}:
Colors of the Queen (3)
Enchant Weapons (3)
Skill Mastery (3)
Brace (3)
Energy Criticals (3)
Fast Healing (3)
Block Energy (3)
Arcane Alacrity (3)
Doublestrike (3)
Doubleshot (3)
Fortification (3)
Power Over Life and Death (3)
Ancient Blessings (3)
Ancient Power (3)
Ancient Knowledge (3)
Ancient Tactics (3)

Racial Past Lives:
Human (3)
Aasimar (3)
Dwarf (3)
Warforged (3)
Tiefling (1)

Active Stances:
✧ Shadar-Kai
✧ Colors of the Queen
 Skill Mastery
 Arcane Alacrity
*Swap stances: Block Energy, Power Over Life and Death

✧Life #105✧
(Counting only non-Iconic Past Lives as they are inherently doubled up with the Heroic Past Lives.)

Achievements: Legend Life, Triple Epic Completionist, Triple Iconic Completionist, Triple Heroic Completionist, Reaper Eyes, Reaper Wings
Main Epic Destiny: Exalted Angel, Unyielding Sentinel

Current Reaper Point Total: 99++

[ Currently working on past lives? YES / NO ]

✧Build Profile✧

Initial Stats:
Strength – 8 (+7 Tome)
Dexterity – 8 (+7 Tome)
Constitution – 18 (+7 Tome)
Intelligence – 12 (+8 Tome)
Wisdom – 20 (+8 Tome)
Charisma – 8 (+7 Tome)

Final Stats:
Strength – 35 – 37
Dexterity – 28 – 30
Constitution – 62 – 70
Intelligence – 26 – 28
Wisdom – 100 – 120
Charisma – 23 – 42

Second stat value is self buffed and sustainable; the initial stats are in static gear set up, designed to boost SP to its maximum. See further below for character sheet screenshots.

Skills (in order of importance):
Use Magical Device
Tumble (2 cross class points for a full rank)

Heroic & Class Feats:
1 – Quicken Spell
3 – Maximize Spell
5 – Favored Soul Energy Absorption: Fire
6 – Past Life: Arcane Initiate
9 – Empower Healing Spell
10 – Favored Soul Energy Absorption: Electricity
12 – Enlarge Spell
15 – Heighten Spell | Favored Soul Energy Absorption: Cold
18 – Completionist
20 – Favored Soul Damage Reduction: Cold Iron
Faith Feats – Aureon

Epic Feats:
21 – Arcane Insight
24 – Embolden Spell
26 – Guardian Angel
27 – Ruin
28 – Mass Frog
29 – Arcane Pulse / Deific Warding
30 – Greater Ruin | Scion of Air / Celestia

Alternative Feats:

  • Scion of Fire, Water, Shadowfell, Feywild, Celestia
  • Dire Charge
  • Dreamscape
  • Intensify / Embolden Spell
  • Epic Spell Power: Light, Positive
  • Hellball
  • Past Life: Acolyte of Divine Secrets / Arcane Prodigy
  • Mental Toughness line
  • Spell Foci: Evocation / Necromancy / Enchantment lines
  • Force of Personality / Insightful Reflexes
  • Heavy Armor Proficiency
  • Empower Spell

Spell Difficulty Checks (DC):
Evocation: ~104-115
Necromancy: ~98-105
Conjuration: ~98-105
Enchantment: ~98-105

Valued (Final) Skills:
Spellcraft: 50-89+
Heal: 141+
Intimidate: 63+
Search: 76+
Spot: 123+
Use Magic Device: 48+

Resistance Saves:
Fortitude: 90+ (+84 unbuffed)
Reflex: 77+ (+70 unbuffed)
Will: 110+ (+98 unbuffed)

PRR: 168-212+
MRR: 96-140, 174 blocking+
AC: 163+
Dodge: 5%
Heal Amplification: 270-310

Special Tomes:
+7 Supreme Ability Tome
+8 Wisdom Ability Tome
+8 Intelligence Ability Tome
+2 UMD Tome
+2 Spell Power Tome
+2 Physical Resistance Rating Tome
+2 Magical Resistance Rating Tome
+2 Ranged Power
+2 Melee Power
+3 Fate Tome
+2 Racial Point Tome
*All skills but UMD have at least a +3 or higher inherent (tome) bonus



sera profile large ui_2019

sera profile small ui_2019


sera enhancements_2019

Epic Destiny Enhancements

ed enhancements_2019

Replace: T3 = Meld | Last 2 Twists = Unearthly Reactions (EA) / Endless Faith (US) & Rejuvenating Cocoon

Reaper Enhancements

sera reaper enhancements_2019

Update: 99 points

Spell List

sera spell list_2019

Character Sheet Screenshots

sera character sheet_2019

Standing Wisdom

sera character sheet3_2019

Max Wisdom

Final Gear Setup


✧ Legendary Green Steel Weave Helm (WIS Skills/SP, Triple ESC | Active Augment: Haste)

Epic Deific Diadem – {Yellow / Green: X}
Legendary Compliance

✧ Sigil of Regalport – {Yellow: Greater Necromancy | Blue: X | Green: Greater X}
Reaper Power +3

✧ Legendary Slaver’s Ring (Sheltering +45, Resistance +14, Intimidate +22, Quality Wisdom +4) – {Green Augment: X}
Slaver’s Mythic +1, Reaper Power +3
Magestar (Spell Absorption Swap)
Pale Lavender Ioun Stone (Spell Absorption Swap)
Heroic / Epic Litany of the Dead (SP Reduction Clickies)
Mysterious Bauble (SP Clicky)

Supreme Tyrant Green Steel Weave Cloak of Elemental Mastery (SP Swap)
✧ Legendary Hallowed Trail – {Blue Augment: Protection +8}
Mythic +1
Jeweled Cloak – {Green Augment: X | Yellow Augment: Strength +8} (Spell Absorption Swap)
 Acid Resistance +57 Cloak of Acid Absorption +38% (Insightful Magical Sheltering +18) – {Green Augment: X}
 Fire Resistance +57 Cloak of Fire Absorption +38% (Insightful Magical Sheltering +18) – {Green Augment: X}
 Electric Resistance +57 Cloak of Electric Absorption +38% (Insightful Magical Sheltering +18) – {Green Augment: X}
Cold Resistance +57 Cloak of Cold Absorption +38% (Insightful Magical Sheltering +18) – {Green Augment: X}

✧ Legendary Green Steel Weave Belt (Negative Spell Critical Multiplier, Triple DOM)
✧ Legendary Silverthread Belt – {Blue Augment: Spell Agility +15}

Ring 1 (Main Finger):
✧ Legendary Celestial Sapphire Ring (Constitution +21) – {Yellow Augment: Greater Transmutation}
Mythic +1

✧ Legendary Green Steel Weave Gloves
(Cold Spell Critical Multiplier, Triple DOM)

✧ Legendary Green Steel Weave Boots (Positive Spell Critical Multiplier, Triple DOM)

Ring 2 (Off Finger):
✧ The Legendary Shattered Onyx (Insightful Wisdom +10) – {Blue Augment: Festive Wisdom +2}

✧ Legendary Hallowed Castigators – {Green Augment: Greater Enchantment}
✧ Legendary Green Steel Weave Bracers (CHA Skills/SP, Triple ESC)
Mighty +15 Bracers of Constitution +15 (Insightful Fortification 79%) – {Large Guild Augment: Augment of Power}

✧ Legendary Blessed Vestments – {Green Augment: Globe of Imperial Blood}

✧ Legendary Collective Sight (Wisdom +21, Insightful Constitution +10) – {Blue Augment: Good Luck +2}
Mythic +1
Legendary Lenses of the Orator – {Green Augment: Armored Agility +2}
 Epic Glimpse of the Soul

Bolded – the most important gear piece that is either used in gameplay. Swaps in regular.

Legendary Affirmation: +30 Healing Amplification | +50 Healing Amplification | +75 Healing Amplification | Active Augment: Displacement

Legendary Vacuum: +15 Intelligence | +7 Insightful Charisma | +2 Exceptional Charisma | Active Augment: Sigil of Battering Spellcraft

Legendary Salt: +15 Strength | +7 Insightful Wisdom | +2 Exceptional Wisdom | Active Augment: Your Will is Mine

Legendary Radiance: +150 Combustion | +7 Insightful Charisma | +37 Exceptional Combustion | Active Augment: Radiant Forcefield

Legendary Concordant Opposition: +150 Devotion | +9 Quality MRR | +9 Exceptional MRR | Active Augment: Displacement

Legendary Ice: +15 Dexterity | +37 Exceptional Glaciation | +2 Exceptional Charisma | Active Augment: Displacement

✧ ♥ 

Sentient Weapon (Set Layout):

✧ Nightmother’s Sceptre (Sentient Jewel – Resolute | 8 slots):

  • Otto’s Irrevocable Power (4 piece set, all rare) – Constitution, PRR, MRR, Spell Power
  • Eye of the Beholder (4 piece set, all rare) – MRR, Wisdom, Spell Power (Will in Artifact)
  • Celerity/Vigilance – Wisdom (+2)
    • Orange slot: replace Meridian Fragment with something else

sera dc sentient_2019

✧ Morninglord’s Sceptre (Sentient Jewel – Hopeful | 5 slots):

  • Electrocution (4 piece set, all rare) – Electric Absorption, MRR, PRR, Air Elemental Knockdown Immunity
  • Nystul’s Mystical Defense (1, rare) – Electric Absorption

Sigil of Regalport (Artifact | 3 slots):

  • Eye of the Beholder (Will, rare)
  • Celerity/Vigilance (Wisdom +2)
  • Frozen Wanderer (Wisdom, rare)

✧ ♥ 

 Complete Thunder-Forged Alloy Morningstar (150 Impulse | Evocation +6 | Eternal Scorching Light) – {Orange Augment: Resonance 132, Colorless Augment: Insightful Intelligence +2}
✧ Alchemical Morningstar (Silver, Glaciation/Radiance +90, Corrosive Salt, Crushing Wave, Freezing Ice Guard, Alchemical Wisdom +2)

Note: Complex combinations and quick swaps are used with these weapons/orb sets. More details coming soon.

Weapon Swap Combinations

  1. Static mode: Nightmother + Salt
  2. CC swap: Affirmation + Ice
  3. Defensive swap: Morninglord + Legendary Mirrorplate Tower/Dethek Runestone
  4. Debuff swap: Dust + Vacuum
  5. Regeneration swap: Affirmation + Concordant Opposition


  1. Main set up, still using Salt to take advantage of the Exceptional Wisdom +2 tier 3. Even if you use Alchemical’s +2 WIS stick, you lose out on the Salt added effect which is superior. However, until +8 tome and slotting Globe in another slot, this is a close to optimal set up.
  2. Occasionally there will be mobs such as affected golems or oozes who are immune to conventional divine CC means. Using Ice + Arcane Initiate as an emergency back up is used for this weapon combo.
  3. Bolsters PRR when turtling up to (pseudo) tank or pure healing only.
  4. Debuff swap for archon carry-over and/or fast stack via Arcane Initiate.
  5. Conservative measure for self-regeneration on both SP and HP, used for bad group composition where more than 10K+ SP pool is needed. Very rarely used anyway, but there as a resource when anticipating in advance.

✧ The Lunar Eclipse
✧ Ultimatum {Purple Augment: Golem’s Heart, Blue Augment: Golem’s Heart}
✧ Dethek Runestone
✧ Legendary Mistfallen

✧ Quiver of Alacrity (Upgraded, Heroic)
 Quiver of Poison (Epic Elite)
 Quiver of Poison (Heroic Elite)
 Quivering Quiver
Epic Quiver of Alacrity
✧ Epic Dynamistic Quiver
✧ Dynamistic Quiver

✧Build Discussion✧

How to play this build with tailored personal commentary

Stay tuned for an updated commentary post based on R10!


Why Wisdom over Charisma?

“How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!”

Proverbs 16:16

Each stat specialization has their pros and cons. If you go Wisdom based, you gain: Will saves synergy, modifier to Wisdom based skills (listing the ones that I find matter, so Heal and Spot), Mass Frog and Guardian Angel bonuses, Healing Hands amplification, and taking advantage of Aasimar’s inherent racial bonuses. Going Charisma based means: modifier to Charisma based skills (Intimidate, Diplomacy, Haggle, Perform, and Use Magic Device), making use of Divine Purpose/Resolve’s +3 bonus to Charisma as well as Divine Protector’s Stance for +1 Charisma, consolidation with Energy Burst. Depending on your race of choice, the flexibility to choose one stat or the other varies.

Racial dissection: Human, Aasimar, Sun Elf, Half Elf, and others.

My preferred order of racial priority is: Aasimar → Human → Deep Gnome / Sun Elf / Drow / Dragonborn / Half Elf / Halfling / etc.

Human: My experience with Humans have been great and lengthy for a reason as a Favored Soul in this build. The additional feat justified my willingness to take both Mental Toughness feats (Aasimar gave me one less feat, so I was less likely to take only one Mental Toughness feat – either all or none sort of deal). As a min-maxer, I noticed the impact of Human’s extra skill point that was helpful, but not a deal breaker. I think the best part about being Human was the looks — I personally grew with the same appearance over the course of several years, and after making the transition to Aasimar, I felt that Human faces looked gentler and softer on the eyes than Aasimar’s stern, sharp, and commanding features. Human enhancements were quite lackluster; taking only enough for the first Wisdom stat core, the rest was distributed among the Warpriest, AoV, and Harper trees. In actuality, the amount of free points to spend in Warpriest technically made the Human version up to par on the Aasimar variant in terms of sustainable Wisdom score, while Charisma was slightly higher for the same sustainable score (but lower for potential maximum).

Aasimar: The celestial race is an excellent candidate for Favored Soul casters and is my preferred choice for several reasons. One, it is true to character lore and background; two, it has various racial perks such as boosted healing via Healing Hands for emergency self heals in Reaper, high HP tanks, or when all heals are on cool downs in between milliseconds of spamming. Despite struggling over the appearance initially, I grew fond of it over time, especially with the ethereal wings that make it so enjoyable to play. Animation quirks are a bit of a minus, but their unique weapon stances and dances are quite nice. With no stat detriment and a bonus of +2 Wisdom, Aasimar is highly comparable to Human; the lack of a racial bonus feat and additional skills are evenly matched. One of the biggest changes I saw between Aasimar and Human was having access to Arcanum – this allows +3 more spell penetration and makes up partly for the loss of a Mental Toughness feat. The additional spell penetration has proved significant enough above all other changes, in that even with spell penetration twists, the build can achieve over 70 spell penetration without any investment into feats.

Other Races: While I have not personally played this build in the other races, we can still dissect each race’s pros and cons.

Deep Gnome has great potential for a pure Favored Soul caster. +2 to Wisdom and Intelligence but -2 to Strength and Charisma means a primarily Wisdom specced build with Intelligence secondary; Intelligence can be used to feed Energy Burst (Acid, for flavor) and Phantasmal Killer SLA DCs. Racial tree contains excellent enhancements for Spellcraft (huge +20 bonus), Color Spray CC ability, permanent Blur, and core Wisdom enhancements. Forgotten Realms options to deity feats allows for either Helm (for additional +4 Wisdom via Ever Watchful) or Amaunator (for permanent Fire-Shield [Warm] and Sun Bolt SLA).

Sun Elf alternatively makes a decent race for their racial tree enhancements as well: Fey Tap for temporary SP and access to Arcanum makes a great blend of pros between Aasimar and Elf almost. However, there are no bonuses to Wisdom in this race, and penalty to Constitution for +2 Intelligence weighs less in favor for this particular build (unless going Wisdom primary and Intelligence secondary). Sun Elf is one of the only other options a Favored Soul has to remove death penalties via Rejuvenation of Dawn (x2), other than being of Sovereign Host faith. Sunburst SLA also makes a great mass CC/instakill ability.

Drow and Dragonborn both have +2 to Charisma for Charisma based builds, along with their own perks (Darkfire for Drow, Dragon Breath and Memory of Flight for Dragonborn). Half Elf was listed primarily as a race I would personally play due to looks, but their Dilettante feat gives Charisma based builds (if Paladin Dilettante) an extra edge to boost saves. Half Elf also utilizes Arcanum, and does not have any stat detriment. Finally, Halfling as another free to play race, would be ideal for a more healer focused build, if such extra Heal Dragonmarks were necessary for a primary healbot build.

Note about WIS/INT and CHA/WIS primary/secondary respective specializations:

It is better to be INT complementary to WIS spec, and WIS complementary to CHA spec: the only reason post FVS changes to go CHA complementary to WIS spec is for CHA skills (which I actively use Intimidate) — aside from that, it is purely flavor and continued out of “inertia” for this build. 😉

Why stay pure Favored Soul?

Mostly due to flavor and nostalgia, when I first started playing, my first successful character was Seraphemia as a pure Favored Soul on the Angel of Vengeance path. It was very limited, but it taught me the essential basics of a divine caster, to say the least. To offer some build rationale for this choice, going pure grants the capstone as an extra SLA to add in as part of the spell rotation (important to have spammers to build up that tasty temporary spell point pool), higher caster levels, full number of slots in the Favored Soul spell list to use, and minor bonuses such as the best saves progression, energy resistances, and damage reduction. Really, going pure is also a part of the challenge I enjoy — while Paladin, Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric, Fighter, and Monk all make tempting splashes, one of the goals in this build was to make a successful full fledged Favored Soul without splashing in other classes. As a purist (though not completely limited as one, as I have other characters who are multi-classed), making my best character as a pure class is not only easier to level up but also utilizes the best of my ability as the class itself. Updated commentary: with the direction that the game is taking, pure classes are much more favorable now. It is the case that in tangent with the upcoming Favored Soul pass, pure Favored Souls will become even stronger.

Important spells and tips?

This question highly depends if in Heroics or Epics; in Heroics, Blade Barrier, Cometfall, Implosion (towards later epics), Destruction, and Slay Living are your bread and butter spells. Energy Drain hardly ever needs to be used. As for Epics, it becomes a lot more complex; some spells like Flamestrike and Firestorm that I took are more for spamming (I like to make fireworks) but are not necessary unless you have the SP to burn (literally). One important spell I’d like to point out is Order’s Wrath — originally I picked up this tip by observing another experienced Cleric player in the past, and have always taken it because of it’s no Spell Resistance qualification for stunning Chaotic mobs (some Drow, some devils/demons, Jariliths, Umber Hulks). Holy Smite is nice as it deals pretty decent damage and may have the chance to blind targets (both spells are Will based and Evocation spells). Paired together, they are a great combo — I usually apply all metamagics despite the SP cost (enhancements help reduce it greatly) to maximize its effectiveness. Undeath to Death, Banishment, and Dismissal are great niche instakill spells to complement your palette. Greater Dispel Magic may be hard to slot in, but it also has it’s uses against dispelling Deathward effects against mobs, or other annoying buffs. One tip in using Implosion is to hit your target in order to direct its focus; even the slightest damage will cause a -2 in saves as per Epic Resilience. A crucial tip with the Favored Soul lantern archon: prior to casting the summoning lantern archon spell, certain bonuses apply so you will want to make sure a specific gear set up is worn before casting the archon spell for maximum usage. The list of effects of gear to wear before casting the spell is detailed below:

  • Eternal Scorching Light (lantern archon criticals will apply this effect)
  • Ascendance Form (lantern archon temporary spell points proc will apply)
  • Spell power and spell lore items (use highest # for maximum damage; not only does this include spell power and lore gear but also any intelligence items to boost spellcraft and all kinds of bonuses that this is affected by)
  • Radiant Glory from Lantern Ring (each light damage tick from archon will also net another light damage spell cast from this effect)
  • Sounding from Resonation (same effect as Radiant Glory)
  • LGS weapon bonus effects; recommend Affirmation, Vacuum, Radiance, Concordant Opposition, and/or Salt

For the archon cast, my personal set up typically consists of: Affirmation (weapon 1) + Concordant Opposition (weapon 2) + Ascendance form, with the possible change of weapon 2 to Dusk, the Light Descends for Brazen Brilliance and boosted light spell power. It may also contain Epic Deific Diadem’s Deific Focus II effect when necessary (likely paired with Dusk offhand as Legendary Pansophic Circlet will be replaced, so spell power is still boosted by weapon in exchange).

Play-style tips: Swap sets and gear are crucial to min-max. For instance, the Epic Deific Diadem can be used when only DC casting versus hybrid casting, or using it prior to the archon cast in order to transfer the effect for just Conjuration spells (+2 stacking Conjuration DC). Being mindful of using which spells to “prep” the follow up instakill is also important here.

Other swap gear includes the weapon sets listed above, boots for Charisma boost, and clickies used (such as Green Steel Displacement quarterstaves).

What are the major cons of this build?

Most people do not build exactly the same way the original builder has intended. With that said, it is very easy to replace a lot of aspects of this build into a stronger iteration that is designed for a greater optimized performance. For one, you can replace the Silver Flame deity choice to the more obvious deities who’s level 6 abilities will actually be more helpful, such as Olladra, Unyielding Sovereignty, Aureon, etc. You can also switch to True Neutral or another alignment depending on your gear setup. [Note: Aureon and True Neutral are now the selected deity/alignment] Minor changes to feats, Epic Destinies/twists, spells, enhancements, and other build aspects could also be tweaked to better suit a stronger DC oriented build, or a nuking / casting DPS build. Because this can be more of a hybrid, the build can be easily flexible to lean one way or another.

Note to self: reference extensive document link for further information.

Thank you for visiting this web page! I hope it was helpful and worth the long read. 🙂 Feel free to contact me @Seraphemia #0532 in Discord, and by the same username in-game and in Steam if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

May the Silver Flame guide you in all of your adventures!

Celestial Fairy Skin

2 thoughts on “Celestial Radiance

  1. I’m impressed! I’ve been looking around for a good favored soul build for a bit now. Seems everyone is saying that they are not that viable for end game content. Pah! Thank you for sharing!


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