Hello! My name is Grace, a Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) player from the Ghallanda server. I love art, nature, and electronic music apart from DDO. You might also notice based on my posts that I identify by faith as a Christian. The fantasy MMORPG slowly grew on me when my older sister introduced me to it on August 27, 2011 – ever since, I have been playing almost on a daily basis. I have very limited knowledge behind the DnD lore of DDO, but I grew to love the friendly community as well as the complexity of the game itself.


A little bit about me as a player: I’m open to many playstyles and builds, and the endlessness of possibilities is one of the best things that I love about this game. I don’t mind zerging, flower sniffing, farming mindlessly, or helping new players get to know a quest or raid. I am a fairly hardcore player, simply based on the time spent on the game, and dedicating majority of it in the endgame Reaper and raiding scene. The most important thing is to have fun in a group; the second most important is to make sure everyone is benefiting in one way or another. I solo when I want things to get done quickly or need some quiet time, and I group when I want company or take on harder quests/raids. The coolest thing about pick up groups (PUG’s) is to meet new people and learn new things every day from them (tactics, items, builds, tips, even new perspectives). These days, I spent majority of my time inclusively grouping, with the direction that the game has gone. My favorite class in DDO is the Favored Soul. I have a preference for casters, particularly divines, mainly because of the flexible and versatile nature of support and self-sufficiency in all aspects. I strive to improve Seraphemia, my main character, to be the best Favored Soul she can be!

Cyclops Kitty 2

Once a beholder cat, always a beholder cat.

Currently, all of my characters are enlisted in Best Beaches Around (BBA), the bestamest guild founded by friends on the Ghallanda server, with my main character Seraphemia as the current official guild leader. BBA is networked with the Beholder Cat crew, our beloved raiding and socializing channel full of cross-guild friends and allies. On November 8, 2019, I started dating Warforfist-1 of Phantom Company. He is my lovely rock. ❤

I created this blog to ramble mostly, as well as to keep stuffs about DDO and my characters all in once place, although it also has some personal related posts about off-topic things or just about life. As a very introverted and introspective person, I can get pretty political and philosophical. Most I don’t even bother opening up to the public, but maybe one day I will. Still working on those skills. My very first blog at GuildPortal (which has now gone inactive) was a great experience and has become my inspiration for continuing to blog about DDO in a style that isn’t bound by any particular focus. Thank you to the original BBA founders, especially Joli, for creating such a warm and fond memory. It is an online diary of my thoughts which, mostly consist of DDO anyway. Feel free to look around in what I do, what I enjoy, what’s been accomplished, whatever it is related to DDO (or unrelated at all). I hope you find it just as enjoyable and/or useful as I add more blog posts, build notes, and more!

Although this is primarily a personal diary, you can reach out to me at any time, in game or on here in the comments section below. I’m always happy to lend a helping hand! 🙂

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