Celestial Raid-iance

So I thought I should write up the most popular/frequently ran/liked raids that I usually run (also for personal reference for when I’m stuck on “what raid is next?!”):

  1. Legendary Shroud (LN, LH)
  2. Legendary Hound of Xoriat (LN, LH)
  3. Legendary Tempest Spine (LH)
  4. Defiler of the Just (EN)
  5. Temple of Deathwyrm / Fire on Thunder Peak (EH, possibly EE)
  6. Fall of Truth (EE)
  7. Zawabi’s Revenge / Against the Demon Queen (EE / EH)
  8. Caught in the Web (EH, EE)
  9. Vault of Night / Plane of Night (EE)
  10. Mark of Death (EN)
  11. Chronoscope (EE)
  12. Shroud (HE)
  13. Lord of Blades / Master Artificer (EE)

I included Shroud because even though there is no epic XP out of it, it still is more popular than say, Hound of Xoriat, which can give XP. This list will definitely be changed as updates come and go, depending on the ebb and flow of the raid group/scene, etc.

Note: Now that there is an ample supply of raids to run, seems that I never really run into the “what raid is next!?” issue. Still, this list gives a good idea of what raids are popular in the group, and which ones are ran the most/at all.

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